Season’s Eatings with Taco Cabana this Holiday Season

Lots of you enjoyed my Taco Cabana review, and I’m back with some more reviews for their limited time holiday menu offerings.

Taco Cabana sent me a $25 gift card as a courtesy, so I could try out these new items and give my testimonial on what I thought about each menu option.

Holiday Eats to Treat Yourself and your Kin!

Now until January 1st, you can celebrate with family and friends around yummy food and sweet treats. Let me detail each item review, so you can decide which items are right for you.Since there are two entrées, I split these with my husband. It was the perfect amount of food for two, if you’re wondering how much to order. However, you can always choose one or both, depending on whatever is more your speed. :)

Pico and Avo-Verde Chicken Tacos

tacocabanaholidayspecialsgingermeglam3These were light, fresh, and delicious. Not only are these filling, but you also get rice and beans on the side. You can order 2-3 tacos, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to want 3. I’m usually a fan of anything with the avocado and verde combo. This hit the spot!

Ranchero and Verde Beef Enchilada Plate

tacocabanaholidayspecialsgingermeglam2I loved these enchiladas, with the perfect balance of cheese, meat, and sour cream. It’s a bit more filling than the tacos, so if you’re hungry and want to leave happy, this is the plate you’re seeking. With a kick of spice and guacamole, it’s overall a great blend of flavors that have you craving more.

Horchata Margarita

tacocabanaholidayspecialsgingermeglam6I’ve only had spicy and fruity margaritas, but this walk on the wild side paid off. One of my favorite drinks around Town is a delicious horchata, and this margarita filled with Lunazul Tequila and Triple Sec dazzled me with surprise and delight. Rimmed with cinnamon sugar and a creamy blend, it’s totally insta-worthy and has the flavor to back it up.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

tacocabanaholidayspecialsgingermeglam5tacocabanaholidayspecialsgingermeglam4With food, you’ve got to create your own adventure. When dining in, you get to drizzle the caramel on your own cheesecake. I’m proud of my drizzle— see my in action shot? My husband captured me in action, and we did it all in one shot. Otherwise, it would’ve been drowning in caramel. (I’d totally be okay with that, but aesthetically, we were on point here. YES!!!!!) It’s rich, thick, and delectable down to the crunchy graham cracker crust. WOW! It’s decadent and creamy. If you need a moment to indulge, please treat yourself to this one. I know what I want for the holidays — more cheesecake!

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of shopping, and enjoy your loved ones with great food and drinks in your tummy. We left happy, stuffed, and can’t wait to visit again!

From now until the new year, you can try out these treats. Don’t forget that while you treat others to $25 gift cards, you’ll get a $5 guest appreciation card for each gift card purchased. Have you tried out the special holiday menu? Let me know what you think about these Taco Cabana menu options, and have a wonderful holiday season!