Welcome to Ginger Me Glam!

My name is Natalie "Kitty" Merola, and I'm happy to see you here on my blog.


After graduating from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, my husband Elias, our English Bulldog Rocky (RIP), and I decided to pack up and leave for a new adventure in Austin, Texas. Back home, I worked at The Miami Herald and PBS, where I learned all about social media and content management, website maintenance, and multimedia production. (Fun fact: I started a blog for my capstone project, but I deleted it. I had no idea where to start and parked my blogging goal. It's funny to look back and see the dots connecting, while I grow here!) I constantly challenge myself, and although self-auditing isn’t always fun, you’ve got to be real with yourself. With a son that looks up to me, it’s important for me to be mindful and create from the heart. I feel like the mom in "Mean Girls", but seriously, I am the cool mom. There's no way to sugar coat it :).

I like to stay centered and practice yoga daily. And just because I stay zen, this doesn't mean that I don’t enjoy some chugga chugga music like A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, or Dance Gavin Dance. (Those are some of my favorites!) Music, art, style, food and culture set my soul on fire in all the right kinds of ways. I’m a Florida babe, and I will forever jam out to New Found Glory. (Thanks for keeping pop-punk alive!) Going to shows and creating art allowed me to escape. Learning to be proud of yourself and your differences is empowering, but it’s even more exhilarating to accept the fact not everyone will like you—and that’s perfectly fine. If you do what you love and don’t change to cater to what others think of you, the right people will appear. It’s the best feeling to have a community that’s about thriving individually AND collectively. BONUS: I love when you interact with me on social. I learn and you learn. It’s a win-win. I’ve met some of the coolest people online, and I’m grateful we’ve met! :) With trial and error, I’ve crafted this blog and never looked back. Filming, writing, and researching meshed with my own style and flair is what you’ll find here. I've developed my channel and focus on Unboxing the Glam, Red Hot Thoughts and Tips for Women on the Go. It's fun to share my two cents with the world. It fascinates me to see what connects us through what we clothe and surround ourselves in everyday.


I blog both personally and professionally. Although Ginger Me Glam is my own personal way to express my #redhotthoughts and share my favorite things with you, I'm available for sponsorship opportunities and regularly partner with brands primarily on my YouTube and Instagram. My husband Elias also works regularly with brands over on his automotive and mens blog, Rev Match Media. Here’s a little bit more about our professional side.

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