Welcome to my blog: Ginger Me Glam!

I created this blog to explore my own self-love, while celebrating and sharing my favorite must-haves and discoveries in style and beauty. I love posting my videos here, so you can see, hear and experience my Ginger Me Glam world. I'm grateful to have my own site and thank you for supporting my posts. It's important for me to share my 100% #redhotthoughts and what makes the world a more colorful, cheerful place without sacrificing quality, happiness, or your wallet.Born with fiery red hair, I learned from an early age that standing out has always helped me realize and become more of my authentic self. I'm always growing and learning, so I enjoy sharing my style and personal journey with you—especially if it means a spark of creativity or a helpful tip can push you in a positive direction.If you ever have a question or want to collaborate, you can reach me at info@gingermeglam.com.Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to showcasing more for you! :) XoXo Kitty