Hi! Thanks for landing on my Work with Me page. Let's create some magic!

I'm happy to see that you're interested in collaborating. Whether you're looking for a one-time campaign or an on-going initiative, I'd love to know more about how we can work together. Please email me at info@gingermeglam.com, if you'd like to get started. I'm open to your ideas! I also have some specific collaborations I'm highly interested in at this time. You may find this listed at the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the brands I've worked with in the past:


Collaboration Thoughts/Notes:

  • Paid, Product for Review, or Courtesy of Gifts or Collaborations. (Hosting a giveaway is also ideal.) **At this time, I'm not accepting unpaid work. (I will make an exception in certain instances, IF you provide free product(s).) **

  • Currently seeking: organizational kits, closet remodeling, hair styling tools, pins, furniture, artwork, yoga/exercise memberships, travel/lodging/theme park admission, etc. I love to get creative, and if you think we can collaborate on something fun, send me an email.

  • I am open to hearing all of your ideas, so please pitch me your thoughts at info@gingermeglam.com.

  • Feel free to donate towards paying the bills, and creating and putting more projects back onto my blog HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! XoXo Kitty