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Apparel & Accessories

Johnny Cupcakes

I’ve been a fan since high school! I was the Austin/San Antonio Cake Dealer from 2017-2019. Although I am no longer hosting pop-ups, you can still support the brand here: www.johnnycupcakes.com.


Get your first month of Rocksbox, the ultimate jewelry collection, for FREE! Sign here or use my code NATALIEMBFF72: Click here to get accessorized!


Visualize yourself in the cutest spectacles without breaking the bank. You're welcome. Sign up here.

Universal Standard

Shop for your inclusive, high quality wardrobe with a cohesive collection.

Kate Gabrielle

Shop some of my favorite pins here: (You'll find super cute stuff! You've been warned, hehe.)


I’m getting Cash Back at my favorite stores with Ebates, and you can, too! Join for free and get a $10 Welcome Bonus: https://www.ebates.com/r/NATALI27988?eeid=26474

Beauty & Well-being


Get 10% off your 1st order! www.glossier.com/reps/NatalieMerola

Reina Rebelde

Get 10% off your order

Red Earth

Try out this raw beauty brand with an affection for authentic women. Do you stay strong in your own power of imperfection? Let's break the rules together and keep beauty fun! Use my code 'XOgingermeglam' for 15% off. Click to shop here.


Join and sign up to review the items you already own, while receiving new ones to test out!


Want to work on your fitness? Get on a bike and ride! It's so much fun. Sign up for your first class --> here.

Smile Brilliant

Use ‘gingermeglam’ at checkout for 10% off your teeth whitening kit here.

Function of Beauty

You'll get $5 off when you purchase your custom shampoo and conditioner. Then, I'll get $5, too.

Phlur (Vegan Fragrances without all the bad ingredients!)

Here’s a link for 25% off your first Sample Set—three stunning scents, made with clean ingredients, for less than $10. It’s good on your first purchase—you can thank me later. :) (Click here: http://fbuy.me/jNjur)

Food & Spirits


Use my code: NATAM69 for $5 off of your first order. (Usually, this covers your delivery fee.)


I enjoyed the Allset experience at a local bar in Austin and thought you'd like it too. They seat and serve you upon arrival, with no check at the end of the meal. For $15 off your first order, follow the link to sign up and use my code TJEZ44: www.allsetnow.com.


Want a box of wine?  All you'll pay is the shipping. Sweet deal? I think so! Drink responsibly, 21+! It's a subscription service, where you have the control to turn your shipments on and off each month. You can either select the wines yourself, or trust the survey results to pick you a selection of the white and red wines you're hoping for.


Sign up to have your alcohol delivered to your door, and get $5 off their first order. I'll get $5 off my next order, too! (It's a win-win!)


Want groceries or Target goodies to make their way to your door, without having to get everyone ready for the store? Oh, yes! This miracle is the real deal. Enjoy $10 off when you sign up, and I'll get $10, too.



Ride around town with a $20 ride credit, when you take your first ride with my code: NATALIE415963


For ride credit, use the code: nataliem1782 towards your first ride. 

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