December Ellie Activewear Review


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Move in style.

My December Ellie box brought the perfect color blocking in black, white, and blue. It was still in the 80s on and off throughout November and early December, although it snowed last night. Good thing I can still work out indoors! I enjoyed working out at the park.The leggings are sleek and fit like a glove. The strategic color blocking with the stripes makes the booty look great. Hey :) The rise is also perfect, so it doesn't slip when you're stretching or running for a long period of time. Usually I wouldn't approach a crop top, but this cut is flattering. The solid material in the front balances with the sexy mesh back. The sports bra that came with it has great flexibility and structure, so you witness the support in motion. Everything stays in place, and that's important when you're busty. You don't want to feel like the grandma in "The Nutty Professor."If you want to enjoy a 3-pack or 5-pack of unique and breathable activewear,  try it out for yourself when you sign up here.XoXo Kitty