Stay Active in Style: My Ellie Activewear November 2017 Review


I get a box for free each month in exchange to share my photos and review each Ellie Activewear shipment. Usually, I post these solely on my Instagram, but I wanted to bring it back to basics here on my blog. :)Ellie Activewear November box-1Ellie Activewear November box-3Ellie Activewear November box-4Ellie Activewear November box-5Ellie Activewear November box-7Ellie Activewear November box-14Ellie Activewear November box-6Ellie Activewear November box-9Ellie Activewear November box-11Ellie Activewear November box-12

Welcome to my November box review!

My November Box

I received the comfy criss cross ankle cut out leggings with a lightweight white long sleeve shirt with fun mesh back details. Since the 3-piece pack can vary each month, I like to mix and match previous sports bras, other garments, and accessories Ellie Activewear has sent me.Here, you'll also see the cozy, soft, and sleek wrap layer that's perfect for those on-the-go busy days outside and around town. Or if you're feeling like it's time for a much needed day of lazy lounging, bundle up and prepare to get your snooze on with comfort.

Every box comes with a rose gold little backpack, and it's perfect for either throwing a change of clothes inside with the essentials. It's also great to store each outfit inside after you're finishing up laundry.

I had a lot of fun hiking with my [Instagram] husband, and we couldn't believe all of the scenic trails Austin has to offer. We're always navigating the outdoors with our family, and you never know what you'll see.

It's important to stop and enjoy the ones you're with while they're here.

Ellie Activewear gives me these functional, stylish, and versatile pieces that help me get myself together quickly and efficiently. Especially during the holiday season, I know I'll be mixing and matching between my previous and current box to make my activewear styling that much easier.

Save yourself the hassle this holiday season, and gift yourself a 3-piece set for $39.95 or the 5-piece set for $49.95. Share this with a gal in need of activity ideas and cute activewear!

Shop here when you're ready, and enjoy these pics for outfit ideas.XoXo Kitty