Must-Have Designer Handbags with an Artist's Twist: Meet Vince Herrera

Deteriorated Floral IV
Acrylics on Coach Stanton 26 Carryall
Purse Retail: $295
Vince Herrera's Price for this handbag's completed look: $600
Signed on Handbag. (Includes certificate of authenticity)

Artist Vince Herrera paints on designer handbags to bring back style statements to your wardrobe.

image2(All images/art are created, owned and credited by Vince Herrera.)

 Vince Herrera is one of my favorite artists, and his style evolution continues to amaze me. I've followed Vince's art since his Wynwood days, and he’s captured sociopolitical and pop cultural moments in a vibrant and colorful style. Here's a glimpse of some of his past work:
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Vince Herrera gives us the style we want on the go.

It's exciting to see each piece and collection lead into one of the coolest style statement pieces: a handbag. Wearables simply means that something that can be worn, and Herrera specifically has a designer handbag revamp in order. With celebrities rocking designer handbags with unique adornments, it's time to bring your own taste to your daily ensemble.
 From Vince's About Me: Inspired by the 20th century Romanian-born, French Modernist artist, Constantin Brancusi, Herrera creates and lives by the humble mantra, “Work like a slave; command like a king; create like a god”.
 With an edge and touch of bold personality, Herrera brings his own modern chic twist to beautiful, classic handbags. Style, sophistication, and luxury handbags are a statement on their own, but nothing compares to the feeling of rocking a handbag painted just for you. This deteriorated floral, acrylic design livens up this soft white handbag just in time for spring. Emerge from winter in your designer best. Herrera's commissioned handbags are the next must-have in style, and you'll want to invest in a timeless piece of collectible, wearable art.

It's 2018, babes. You're one-of-a-kind, and your handbag should be equally expressive, too.


This Deteriorated Floral IV handbag is available for purchase, and I can't wait to see who gives it a good home!

Every time Herrera releases a new piece, the collection of art creates a frenzy to want more. If you haven't seen his paintings and illustrations, please do yourself a favor and check these pieces out right now. (While you're at it, open up Instagram and hit the follow button now: @vinceherreraart.)

Speak boldly with Herrera's love for structure and bold variety.

Women in the know and on the go, this one's for you. Complete your look with a versatile, functional, and conversation-starting handbag that'll turn heads. You're the type of woman who defines fashion into style. Take a look around your wardrobe. You are the one in charge, and your handbag is the witness to your hustle. Keep on rocking style confidently, and enjoy the next carryall Herrera piece. :)115ad5_dbf574c37a6548eea8ffd4c1ac9a2f4f~mv2For artist inquiries to buy your own handbag, contact Vince Herrera here.

 XoXo Kitty