Keep it Simple


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Minimize your wardrobe problems with one solution: keep it simple.
Sometimes we acquire too many things or we overanalyze style to the point where it can turn stressful. Pump the brakes and take a deep breath. Especially on hump day, you need to forgive yourself for all the Sunday Brunch mimosas that are about to go down this weekend and get real. But first, pack your sunglasses to block the sun and the haters.
Grab some good quality plain white v-neck tees and have at it. These shirts are essential, especially during a wet, hot summer. You never know when your favorite drink, food or cosmetic will stain it up, so always have back up!
If BBQ, red lipstick and coffee aren’t your enemy, or maybe you love a good challenge, remember to follow your heart, beat the odds and pair that tee with your favorite pair of blue jeans. It’s easy to dismiss such a classic look as too casual or underdressed, but who cares if others are too afraid to be divergent? Be a classic, babes.
I have a flair for color, so this vibrant “Saturday Clutch” does the job! This Love Birds LA clutch that I found at Posh ATX pairs dramatically versus the classic American blue jeans and a t-shirt look. It’s perfectly sized with just enough room inside, for all of your necessities on-the-go.
When you’re living young, wild and free on a Monday, you take those Ray Ban Aviators out and you whip that hair back and forth to some Bohemian Rhapsody. (I have no shame, when it comes to sing-a-longs!) Bring me a good playlist and let’s create fun looks to best suit the mood.
Dressing for yourself is the most liberating thing. It can be so creatively stifling when peers all dress the same, or look at you strangely for rocking what makes you gorgeously different. With this simple look, I hope you can feel at ease and relax in your own jeans and t-shirt, without worrying about whether it’ll impress others.
#RedHotThoughts: Keep it simple, but never forget to be your own rockstar, supermodel and girl boss of all things badass!