Animal Print is a Neutral


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Faux animal prints bring out the ferocity, so you need to know how to unleash your inner strength. Zebra, leopard, snakeskin and tiger stripes can be a neutral, if you know how to use it to your advantage.
The Posh Boutique in Austin (Posh ATX) styled me in this ultra smooth wrap dress, with its fierce wild coupling of femininity and contouring. Wrap dresses are a blessing to a woman’s body. I couldn’t be happier with this powerful statement piece.
I left my hair to its wild and crazy mane status. Sometimes the crazier it gets, the better it looks and feels. I spritzed a little sea salt spray and let it do its thing. I’m all for a curated look, but let’s get real: it feels great to just let the hair get wavy and have a mind of its own.
In the images above, you can see the bar layer necklace and crystal studs perfectly accenting this luxe look. (If you were a good little glam babe, you got to preview the Rocksbox jewelry set I received.)
To complete the free-spirited luxe nature of this wild child’s domain, this gold clutch from Posh ATX captures my everyday sass. When in public, it’s fun to set boundaries and get to speak up for yourself.Having the ability to choose to say “hello” or “goodbye” gives us the opportunity to meet new people and welcome familiar faces, or simply keep others out of our safe space.
It’s important to stay true to yourself and use your confidence to show the world you stand for more than just fashion. You style yourself in honor, courage and humility. When you’re humble and kind, but firm in your convictions, you will soon find the world creating new ways for you to help and inspire others.
If I can’t let my hair down and the naysayers deny animal print is a neutral, then I refuse to be part of a world where it is unacceptable.
I’m Kitty the ginger. Hear me roar!