Ocean Drive: Wild Style


Ocean Drive 2Ocean Drive 1 Ocean Drive 3Ocean Drive 4Ocean Drive 5Metallics are timeless and look effortless.Some may find it obnoxious, but I could care less. I grew up in the heart of Miami, Florida, where Versace reigned as the king of fashion and South Beach. From Ocean Drive with love, gold on gold, huge emblems on chains and flashy outfits on vibrant spirits are a few of my favorite things. Music and fashion developed a deep love for this pop cultural explosion and obsession with gold. It can feel empowering to step into the light and flash your gold to the sky.When layering necklaces, the varying lengths and thickness create gorgeous bibs of shiny metallic love. If necklaces aren't your thing, you can stack all sorts of bracelets and bangles, which I prefer to do when stacking up all sorts of rings. I like to give myself the Midas touch and look like Ocean Drive soaked me in 14K gold and heavily jeweled.With trends like flash tattoos appearing all over the place in gold, I cannot get enough. I love the different packs from flash tattoos! I remember sticking fake tattoos on me since I can remember. Even now with real tattoos, I still like to pay respect to the days of playground ruckus and juicebox envy.Although this isn’t the first time people fell in love with gold, I certainly didn’t mind rediscovering my happy place full of ostentatious gold jewelry! It’s all over my rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clothing and other accessories. There’s just no excuse for skimping on the gold layering. (Go gaudy or not at all.)With a glimmer of fashion hope and sunshine to reflect on good vibe days, let the gold channel in more energy and feed the need to deck yourself out from head-to-toe. Recently with all of the body shaming in magazines, I had to rock my favorite bralette crop and this cute mini skirt. I am confident to know who I am, and I refuse to let someone tell me I cannot wear something like a crop top because it offends them and/or their standards.It's so hot outside and even if I'm not tan, I should still be able to wear what is comfortable for me to enjoy in any given occasion. I'm not saying you should wear fishnets to church, but if that is your thing, go for it. Own your style and rock it so hard.There are no rules when styling, but I think if there is going to be one rule, it should be to have fun. (And how can you NOT have fun in all gold?!) Bypass the nonsense and put love first. Feel like you are an old Hollywood starlet and get your metallics on into high gear!What's your fancy: platinum, gold or silver?Tell us which metal look is your favorite to mix with your wardrobe!