Ottica Prescription Eyeglasses Review: A Chic and Easy Way to Order New Glasses


Ginger Me Glam Ottica Sponsored Review Carolina Lemke GlassesGinger Me Glam Ottica Sponsored Review

A simple, sleek and efficient way to custom order your next pair of eyeglasses: Ottica.

I received credit to use on the site, so I could write my 100% ginger thoughts and share these opinions with you on the process. (In sum, this is a sponsored post in exchange for my review.)

How does this work?

Ottica is shaking things up in the eyewear world, with its customer service and drive for actually caring about your happiness. Wait, what? I know what you're thinking. It's a shocker, right? If you're like me, gone are the days of going to corporate prescription eyewear locations and getting locked into expensive glasses and a limited selection. I always felt like the generic styles were ugly on purpose, so of course, I'd upgrade and get the expensive brand name ones. That's how big retail loves to stick it to us eyewear folks.I love rocking unique glasses to make a statement, and Ottica has a variety of options for all types of budgets and frame styles. Whether you need them for readers or daily use, it's important to feel confident with your eyewear aesthetic and choose what you prefer. I'll walk you through my ordering process starting with selecting frames right for me and ending with my unboxing thoughts.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Pick frames,
  • choose your lens,
  • enter your prescription,
  • and then wait for your super rad new specks to arrive.
Ok, so within the steps above, here's my ordering process in a nutshell:
  1. Upon arriving on the site, I loved that I could easily and visually see what types of styles were available. You can filter directly to styles for women and men, frame shapes, brand campaigns and bestsellers. (There are more filters you can search with once you select the women or men button.)
  2. Even if you're still unsure about ordering glasses online, they have 24/7 customer service. If you aren't into picking up the phone, they also have email customer service within 24 hours or less. (I experienced a weird glitch on my Safari app, so I reached out to them. Within a few hours they wrote back to me, but I had already realized I had to switch to Chrome to complete my order. I was amazed at how fast they got back to me! Normally it takes a while for places to respond.)
  3. Since they have over 2,000 frames, it can seem overwhelming. Not to worry! You can use filters to find the pair that's suited to your taste. I already had what I wanted in mind, so I was pleasantly surprised when using the filters. I knew that I wanted a bold color for one pair and a classic print like tortoise on the other pair. It also helps knowing what frame shapes you love on your face. (And if you aren't sure, they have this fabulous feature where you can upload a photo of your face onto the site. It's fun virtually trying on all sorts of frames. I used this feature to try on many pairs, before I decided on the two winners you'll see pictured at the top here. If it didn't have this feature, I could've selected styles that weren't exactly the best look for me.)
  4. After figuring out the two frames I loved, I picked the silver lens package and entered in my current prescription. (The silver lens package includes 1.5 Index Standard Lens, Anti-Scratch Coating, UV Coating, and Anti-Glare Coating.) The site will prompt you for your prescription information, so be sure to have the accurate and most updated one from your doctor.
  5. I filled out my shipping information and used my $200 code. There also was a rad sale on upgrading the lens, so I was excited my code not only covered two glasses, but it also got me an upgrade on both lens packages. Boom! Now that's what I'm talking about: stylish and functional? Pinch me, I'm dreaming. You know I have a versatile and fun eyeglasses collection, so I needed to add more sophistication with my colorful personality in glasses form.
  6. You'll receive a confirmation email that your order is received and that it takes up to 3 business days to get the order in motion. Once this process begins, it can take up to 3 days to create them and a few more additional days to inspect for any defects. I'm impressed that there is such extensive quality checking. Everywhere you look on their site, you can find their charming humor and open feedback culture to ensure you are absolutely happy with your new glasses. After all, if you're going to wear them, it's reassuring that Ottica cares about how your glasses will impact you.
  7. Upon arrival, I couldn't wait to open up the box! (See the top of the post for what it looked like before opening up each eyeglasses case.) Inside the box, I received an Ottica member card with my a prescription reminder printed on it, as well as an additional eyeglasses cleaning cloth. Wrapped with minimal and recyclable packaging, I opened up my new Carolina Lemke prescription eyeglasses. They were lighter than I imagined, but this pair perfectly rocked my world. I've been searching for a lightweight and neutral style for sometime, and these pleasantly surprised me. Most of my glasses are medium weight, so although they aren't clunky, this new pair felt like a featherweight. You don't realize how much of a difference the material weight can be, until you're on the go in the middle of a sweltering hot Texas summer. This new pair took a bit of heat off of my face, so I'm grateful this worked out with impeccable timing.
  8. My second pair is part of Ottica's brand, and these red Mae eyeglasses are something fierce. I remember growing up and watching my favorite ginger on television, Sally Jessy Raphael. Her iconic red glasses were forever a must-have in my mind. I used to rock red Rayban Wayfarers for a while, but the lens deteriorated and it was too expensive to fix. However, this Mae pair is gorgeous. It's an updated version of my previous pair and it's part of a style revival for me. It also signifies my personal and professional growth, so I've fallen even more in love with them.

I hope you loved reading my experience with Ottica. Check out my Instagram Stories this week for the different ways I'll be rocking my new eyeglasses.

Where can you get your pair?

Visit Ottica's site and click the top minimized portion that says, "Get 50% off all lenses." I hope you enjoy shopping and ordering your next favorite pair of specks.Let me know if you order yourself some new, stylish glasses!XoXo Kitty