My Teeth Whitening Beauty Routine


Whiten even your deepest of teeth stains with this affordable whitening kit!

Watch my review and demo to see how I whitened my discolored teeth using Smile Brilliant. I'm amazed after a few sessions how quickly even my toughest of tooth stains came out. Check out their kits here. Enter my giveaway to win your own kit.

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Want to know how I whiten my teeth?

This is a new process I've introduced into my beauty routine, and I'm loving my results. It takes time to get your desired results, but you'll see noticeable changes even with your first application. It's so worth it and inexpensive compared to pricey trips to the dentist's office and endless trips to the store for ineffective mouthwashes, toothpastes and strips.Smile Brilliant reached out to me to brighten my smile from yellow to white. It's changed my smile into one that I'm proud to show off. I can't wait to keep whitening it to achieve my ultimate teeth whitening goals. (It didn't get this way overnight, so I'm in it for the long haul!)

How do you get your own kit? Buy or win one! :)

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Here are some resources if you'd like to know more about how you can get started:

Have any questions?

Not to worry! Leave your questions in the comments on my video, and Smile Brilliant will answer them for you. If you prefer to speak with someone privately, you may also visit the Smile Brilliant website and live chat there for questions and concerns.Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed my whitening review. Good luck with your teeth whitening journey! :)------------------------------------------------------------This video is a paid sponsorship in exchange for my 100% ginger opinions and thoughts. I only review what I believe in, so I thank you for taking the time to watch my channel. :)-------------------------------------------------------------Let's be friends on social media:Instagram: @gingermeglamTwitter: @gingermeglamSnapchat: @gingermeglamPinterest: @gingermeglamFacebook: Kitty