Unboxing the Glam: I'm a Glossier Believer


I've been catching glimpses of Glossier for a few years now, and I finally decided to take on the hype with this online only company. (If you're lucky enough to pass by the showroom in NYC, please do so! I have yet to visit, and it's on my list of must-sees!) I find adventure in testing new products, and it's no surprise I'd fall in love with Glossier!My friend suggested that I start using the Think Dirty app, and it's made me open my eyes to what's in my products. I love the simplicity in design, ingredients and packaging. It's mindful and inviting. (Thank you!) Imagine how much packaging is wasted for most of the beauty products in your bathroom. Isn't that scary? :O It's time for an overhaul. These products wowed me, and I'm pretty picky when it comes to makeup and skincare. Plus, my gingerness makes it easy to seek out the best products for sensitive skin. I don't break out with these products, and it works great with my regimen.I drink lots of water, exercise, sleep and take supplements (Note: Always consult your doctor. I'm not an expert. This is just what works for me!) However, beyond the usual, Glossier has entered the serum market and has the Super Pack taking the world drop by drop.Checkout the different products I've tested here and shop here for 20% off. :)Products in the video:- The Super Pack- Glossier Phase 2- Haloscope in Quartz- Cloud Paint in Dusk and Beam- Stretch Concealer in Light- Boy Brow in Blond- Generation G in CakeP.S. The Birthday Cake Balm Dotcom is available! I'll be reviewing my Phase 1 Set, their new sunscreen and this new balm in a follow-up video soon. Stay tuned :)Let me know which Glossier products you're going to try after watching my video.XoXo