Clever Girls Unite: Celebrates the Complex Female Character in You!

I’m now a @jordandeneNYC #clevergirls ambassador!

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At LeakyCon in Dallas, I finally got the chance to meet Jordandene, while covering the Harry Potter event for my blog. I had a blast filming each booth and chatting with Jordandene about all things fashionably geeky. We traded pins and the rest is history. She’s one of my fave babes in the land of fandoms and apparel brands. Shh!

Jordan’s motivating, inspiring, and radically charged tees vibe well with me. I can’t wait to rock my “Complex Female Character” pin!

“It’s time to ditch the phrase “Strong Female Character” because women, fictional or not, deserve more than to be limited to a narrow set of expectations of what a “good” female character should be like. We wish you nothing but complex, well-developed female characters from here on out.” -

jordandene stick em with the pointy end.JPG

For an empowering tee, you know who I had to celebrate: Arya Stark! As an ambassador, I get a complimentary tee. “Stick ‘em with the pointy end” is snarky— and I love that. She’s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed Game of Thrones. 

Other reasons you’ll love Jordandene: 

  • her tees are sweatshop-free

  • eco-friendly

  • full of girl power :) 

Another plus: the tees are super comfy AND they’re machine washable. 

These collectible tees and accessories promote nerd culture with everyday use items. Don’t believe me? Click around and watch that cart number climb. The magic’s in these heartfelt goodies, and each style brings a smile to my nerdy cute face. Each tee connects those who are into making a statement at home or on the street with geek chic style. 

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May the positivity and girl power inspire you, too. What’s your story?

Tell the world all about your geek chic! (Your girl here is a Slytherin and a gamer. Hello, hello! Loud and proud, hehe.)