How to Prep Your Bath for the Next Full Moon

*This post is sponsored by Eco & Earth. I received the moon bath in exchange for my review. All 100% opinions and red hot thoughts are my own. I only share what I truly love and what I’d use. After all, that’s why you’re here reading, right? Enjoy. :)

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Are you ready for the next full moon?

If you didn't get the date, the next time we see the full moon is June 17th.

Strawberry Moon, Here We Come!

I’m a fan of astrology and spirituality. It’s a journey about learning and growing, and it’s fun for me to dive in deep. It’s important for me to share what helps me, and if it assists you, too, then that’s awesome. :) Curious about full moons and moon baths? I’m sharing all of the details below, and if you have information to share with me to add to my perspective, I’d love to know more.

Why do we have names for the full moons? According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, naming the full moons comes from ancient peoples like Native Americans. This is how they tracked the seasons with the lunar calendar. Specifically, this Strawberry Moon is named after the seasonal signal to gather ripe wild strawberries. Later, Colonial Americans adopted the Native American names and incorporated it into today’s Gregorian calendar, which is a solar calendar. This switch from lunar to solar happened during 1792, when George Washington became the president. (Source:

Here’s a video from for more insight:

Why do I choose to celebrate full moons with a bath ritual? I’ve been spiritual and doing these rituals since as long as I can remember. (No, I am not psychic or an astrologer, but I do enjoy learning and practicing these rituals with my friends and family.) My mom and dad taught me a lot, but as a kid, I’d always take baths and add in ingredients like oils and flowers. My mom said I called it, “My Lotions and Potions” hour. I’d stay in the bath until it went cold. To this day, you still can’t get me out, until it’s chilly. I must enjoy it in its full intensity and heat release.

During a full moon, it’s time to celebrate and soak in the energy of your hard work. Taking a bath can be uplifting, and especially given the ingredients in this bath, they’ll be sure to wake you up. I know it brought me back to life and thinking about switching things up. Self-care is more than a bubble bath, and for me, it helps to refresh, restore, and invigorate me to be my best self. (Also: if you’re into astrology like I am, check out some of the many empowering and vibrant souls I enjoy following: Aliza Kelly, Mecca Woods, Jessica Lanyadoo, and more! These rad ladies host workshops, write books, and share podcasts. I highly recommend them for expanding your thoughts and knowledge on all things astrology. I learn so much all of the time!) Also, hydration is key after a bath ritual. I drink lots of water in general, but I find myself drinking even more water. Keep that refreshed and revitalized feeling going! :)

What are the benefits to a moon bath? You get time to think to yourself and meditate. You can either enjoy the silence and clear your thoughts, or you can focus on your intentions moving forward. Tune into your breath and discover what moves you. Much like anything spiritual, it’s for you, so you’ll know what feels right.

What’s in this Moon Bath Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea? This tea bath is full of 100% organic and ethically sourced ingredients. It has pink rose petals, ginger root, and lemon peel to name a few of the fragrant ingredients infused into this relaxing bath tea. BONUS: It is vegan and gluten free! :)

Ok, so how does this work? Do I just drop it into my tub, or what? Like any bath ritual, you’ll need to steep the jar contents in hot water on your stove top. (Obviously, don’t burn yourself with boiling hot water. Give it time, so you can enjoy the temperature of the bath. After all, you aren’t trying to cook yourself! ) Then, you’ll strain it and pour into your bathwater. Fully immerse yourself from head to toe. Set your goals/intentions, focus, and soak and float.

Fun fact: Moon Bath is a women owned business that’s made in Colorado and sustainably packaged. Cool, huh? Support these babes and shop on

Have you ever tried a bath ritual? Let me know if you try one of the four moon phase Moon Bath products on Eco & Earth!

Future Full Moon Schedule


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