Clean up your Beauty Products with Eco & Earth

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This is a paid/sponsored post with Eco & Earth. 100% red hot thoughts and opinions here are my own.

Need help finding clean beauty products like nail polish and remover without the harmful chemicals? Eco & Earth has the toxic-free goodies!

We’re committed to discovering and sourcing the world’s finest products which are organic, environmentally and ecologically responsible.
— Eco & Earth

Important: Eco & Earth’s body, bath, and face suppliers give back to eco-friendly causes and support women's and girls’ education and advancement globally.

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Nail Polish with 6 toxin free gel effect? You bet!

(No UV lamp or acetone soaking required.)

Get the gel-look and stay free of:

  1. Tulene

  2. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

  3. Formaldehyde

  4. Formaldehyde Resin

  5. Camphor

  6. THTP

We don’t test on animals and it’s vegan-friendly. Peta cruelty-free and Beauty Without Bunnie’s license approved.
— Maggie Anne
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Maggie Anne Nail Polish & Top Coat

Emma” is a rosy shade from Maggie Anne, which gives it versatility for all occasions. I’m a little glam gal with a eye for detail, and this color is super posh. I love that it looks like a gel manicure, but I don’t get the harsh burning feeling. I feel guilt-free using this polish, especially since it is eco-friendly and cruelty-free. It’s quick to apply and easy to remove, so you’re not ripping layers of your nails off or using toxic polish removers to get back to your natural nails. You get to pamper yourself and enjoy up to 7 days of color and shine.

Top off your nails with the Maggie Anne Shine Like a Star Clear Top Coat, so you get the most out of your polish. It keeps them shiny, chip resistant, and sleek all week. (It doesn’t streak with brush strokes or get clumpy and thick!) Are you ready to ditch the gel manicures and make a switch? I’m grateful to experiment and feel the difference for myself.

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Maggie Anne Nail Polish Remover

There IS a sweet scented nail polish remover that doesn’t smell toxic! (And I smells like summer brought in a fresh bowl of fruit. I’m ready!)

I used to always dread taking my own nail polish off, let alone soaking off gel manicures with acetone nail polish remover. It would either take too long and/or instantly give me a headache from the obnoxious smell. I’ve tried other nail polish removers and this one not only smells delicious, but it actually helps me rub the nail polish off without a struggle. I’m super pumped to make the switch! I’m making cleaner beauty decisions in my regimen, and it’s exciting to share these sustainable goods with you, too.

Want to find more products that are eco-friendly, organic, and positively impacting the environment?