Austin-American Summer


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This post is sponsored by The Austin BatBox. All of the thoughts here are my own :)(My subscription is courtesy of The Austin BatBox.)

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With fun ways to stay glam and chic, BatBox offers a little bit of everything for your fashionable little soul.
I’m currently a Miami transplant in Austin, Texas, so this BatBox gives me a beautiful sampling of what I can dig up and enjoy here in Austin.
The Austin BatBox offers a new theme every month. July’s theme, “Austin-American Summer”, gave me the inspiration to create how each item can give you stylish babes a great summer in the know how.

Enjoy an Austin-American Summer from the BatBox fam in true fashionista style:

  • When you’re brainstorming for topics for your blog, organizing your wardrobe or shopping online, All ATX: British Invasion has got you covered in the tunes department.
  • Speaking of Brits, one of my favorites makes an appearance in this box unexpectedly, but delightfully! I love to decorate my little corner of my home with artistry, books and knickknacks. And there he was underneath the tissue; Artist Anissa Bryant created a fun black and white print of Morrissey himself. I’m excited to add him to the wall of fame.
  • Jen Ramey’s cute “Y’all” Texas and “ATX” Bat charms dress up the wine into fancy little stylish reminders that your thirst is real. Whoever doesn’t love a good vino has no idea what they’re missing out on with these cute custom wine charms!
  • Fashionistas, this honey peach flavor of MoonShot energy will wake you up and help you tear your to do list down to zero by noon. (Note: Check with your doctor before trying any energy drinks. I'm sensitive to caffeine myself, so try at your own risk!)
  • Where will you put your MoonShot while you’re jamming to good tunes and decorating your space? BatBox even gifted us an Exit82 Art coaster, which is full of patriotic Texas love.
Texas treats me well and without The Austin BatBox, it would be hard to stay on track with my to do list. If you need useful, charming and entertaining items to keep you focused on taking over the world, start with this subscription.

Bat Box July 2015

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