Wardrobe Staples


Style yourself in confidence.

SoLa is a great boutique for dressing women with femininity, courage and self-love. Stylist and SoLanista Sarah Duffy chatted with Studio 512's Amanda Tatom about wardrobe staples.

Enjoy the style segment here:

Fashionista Life!

It's important to be able to style yourself with ease and reuse pieces for different looks.Why spend more, when you can get more looks for less money? Learn how to transform from the office to a night on the town.It was a pleasure working with KXAN's Studio 512, SoLa and fellow model Kate Leatherwood. A special thanks goes out to Jennifer Frey of Makeup Medic, for working her makeup magic so early in the morning!SoLa


SoLa hosts #GirlsNightOut on the first Thursday of every month.Catch the next one on Thursday August 6 from 5-9pm at 2005 South Lamar Blvd, 78704. Feel free to call with your style questions: (512) 441-7370.We hope to see you there!

Which look is your favorite from each staple piece?

Comment with your favorite look from each staple piece.XoXo Kitty