Living in Technicolor


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Bright, loud and bold!

Ginger-isms like "red hair don't care" and "standing out in the crowd" always resonated with me. I live my life in technicolor, and I dream bigger than you could ever imagine. I like to take my style to the streets, with passion and fury. With these red locks, there's no way falling in line would ever work out. I'll either juxtapose myself in colorful surroundings and let my hair do the talking, or I'll wrap myself in vibrant chaos where even rainbows would feel uncomfortable across the color spectrum. Give power only to your own positive affirmations, and tune out the rest from ruining your frequency. After all, we control our happiness and peace. If you wouldn't hand the keys to your house over to a stranger, why in the world would you give someone power over how you feel?!

Fear nothing and no one.

The dress plunges and billows out in pleats, with pockets included, of course! I normally stay away from dresses that aren't form-fitting, but recently, I feel like it's a rebirth for my wardrobe. I guess it finally caught up with me these days, because I never enjoyed wearing dresses or bows as a little girl.  I've always rocked the red converse with dresses when I did rock a dress, so I'm staying true to my inner child in that respect. If there's anything in style that every fashionable soul can vow to follow for life, it's staying true to what drives and inspires the need to create a story with each look. What's my story? Triumph, recreate and evolve in every way possible, when the going gets tough.Growing into your true self doesn't have to be a struggle, but it's certainly memorable and builds character.

The 2007 version of myself would be proud of the 2015 version of me.

The journey and the story continue onward and upward! Here's to looking up :)Pop Quiz: Is it chambray or denim? Tell me in the comments to test your textile knowledge ;)Thanks to the lovely Chelsea Francis for bringing out the ginger fire in these photos!