What the Fuzz?!



This is my chilly, fresh coat of awesome.

What the fuzz am I talking about here?! Okay, so some may argue that faux fur coats are tacky and add ungodly amounts of bulk to figures, but for me, style is about the way it makes me feel. It's an escape. It's a way of indulging in different styles. It's what I want to communicate: freedom and fulfillment. Who doesn't want to feel uplifted and true to the core? Yeah, those people aren't in my good vibes tribe. (Just saying! :) )stairsandstairs

Dress me up.

There's an air of confidence that fills me up when I slip into my faux fur coat. I've always loved playing dress up, and I haven't ever stopped. It's true that life's a stage, because we're always growing and changing roles. Why stop the flow of nature? Keep evolving, babes!flaunt it

Live your life on your own terms.

If you love that faux fur coat you've been eyeing, go snatch it off the sale rack before you'll pay full price next season. Listening to the opinions of others can be such a drag, especially when you live in the haunting feeling of regret and approval. Seek your own happiness and fulfill your needs. I stepped out in this coat, closed my eyes and felt like I was in a movie. (I had my Sharon Stone moment, and I loved it!)postedup

Have fun with some street style!

I'm a true Miami girl at heart, so you know I had to: fresh kicks are one of my must-haves. These sneaker wedges look great with almost any look, but they really felt natural with my faux fur coat. I don't have to be sponsored to have credibility, but what I can say is that with or without recognition, what you see is what you get. I am myself: 100% spitfire ginger—and then some. No matter what anyone tells you, always remember what makes you different, embrace it and break the rules. There's nothing more satisfying than proving to yourself that you can do anything if your heart is full of love.

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I hope you loved this look :)
XoXo Kitty