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It's cold, but I didn't need to tell you that.

Stay stylish and intentional with mixing different fabrics, prints and styles with these tips and tricks.watching

1. Stay warm, silly!

Hi ThereAlways be mindful of the weather and layer when there is a big range between the high and the low. There's nothing worse than getting caught in a windy and/or icy day from 30 to 60 to 30. Style up with lined leggings, a long sleeve shirt, a lightweight sweater, your favorite jacket and a cozy blanket scarf.

scarf2. Pick a color scheme.

I love switching up my wardrobe color palette, and a great way to create a seamless look is to choose a color scheme. In this look, I chose the classic black, white and red color pop flair. My red hair already stands out with brilliant color, so I like my outfit to enhance my own natural color pop! :)

we walk

3. Mix fabrics and/or prints.


It feels great knowing the rules and breaking them, too. With sleek faux leather leggings, it appears like the leggings are coated rather than leather looking. It contrasts perfectly with the actual leather moto jacket, ribbed knit long sleeve shirt, lightweight sweater and plaid blanket scarf. My Kelly Wynne handbag is also mixed textures and prints. I love the wild animal look and attitude, so I've chosen wisely with a contrasting amber boa-like print. Keep yourself warm, visually interested and let the conversation of your style speak for itself.

fancy nancy loves to dancy

4. Be comfortable in your own shoes.

see ya, buddy

Whether you're rocking heels or ankle boots, own them like a boss! You owe it to yourself to embrace the beauty, power and grace within your soul. Show us your street style and make your own interpretation. Walk in your own shoes, and be bravely bold.

detail wild side

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