Toast to the End of Summer with Baileys


baileysbirthdayA special thanks to and in courtesy of Baileys for the complimentary Vita Coco and Baileys Almande. Although these weren't sent to me for a feature, I thought to share the refreshing drink and give you my review plus a quick recipe. Drink responsibly - Ages 21+ legal purchase age.

Baileys introduces a new drink to the scene: Almande™.

I wanted to attend a local fashion blogger event for Baileys at a barre class, but I missed it due to work. However, Baileys still wanted to connect so I didn't miss out on the new spirit. I was so excited they reached out to me and sent this new liquer courtesy of their own hospitality.I know everyone wonders what it's like to mix dairy with alcohol, but since I haven't ventured down that avenue just yet, let's stick to what I do know: I love almond milk. I love pairing almond milk with my cereal or even for my dairy-free version of a White Russian, but this switched up my summer drink palette. It's light, dairy-free and gluten-free with a light dash of vanilla taste to it.almande

A tropical birthday theme with cute cups to match?

I think so!

I saved the delicious, nutty drink to share with family on my birthday recently. We dressed up in tropical prints and bright colors like my hometown of Miami (Yes, I am a bit homesick!) , so you know the drinks had to match our weekend attire. With pinkies out and little umbrellas in our coconut and pineapple cups, it certainly felt like a birthday for the books.


Here's the official recipe to mix it up with the Baileys Almande™ Refresh:

3 oz Baileys Almande™

3 oz Vita Coco

How to Prepare:

Combine Baileys Almande and Vita Coco over ice.

Don't forget to enjoy! :)

XoXo Kitty