Loly in the Sky Shoe Review


Loly in the Sky is not just a brand with cute shoes! Founder Lorena has a great story, with a love for unique designs and a passion for making shoes the old way! Her handmade shoes are not made in a mass produced factory-- the brand is about truly crafting them with love by hand.Loly In The Sky was recently chosen as a graduate of “The Workshop” at Macy’s which mentors and fosters growth within up-and-coming minority- and women-owned businesses.Check out my video with her 6 latest, exclusive and limited edition shoes available at Macy's online and Loly in the Sky. I hope you enjoy my shoe review for Loly in the Skye, which is my 100% opinion. (These shoes are courtesy of Loly in the Sky and this is my unsolicited review.)Watch here :)

BONUS:Want to know how they're made? Check out Loly in the Sky's creative process.XoXo KittyThese shoes were complimentary in exchange for a video review, with my 100% ginger thoughts and opinions.