The FOMO Factory Paints the Town in Cupcakes, Rainbows, and Nostalgia!


*The Fomo Factory gave me a free sneak preview at the VIP ATX Top Influencers night. All opinions are 100% my red hot thoughts.

Leave your adulthood at the door, and get ready to explore a two-story interactive pop-up shop right here in Austin, Texas!

This special experience is brought to you by creators Rachel Youens and Kara Whitten (Kailo Chic.) It's full of sensory experiences and brings back memories. Using all 5 senses, this installation brought back my inner child, and I couldn't be happier.

What's your name?

Stepping up into the staircase, you're asked to provide your nickname. I'm already going by "Kitty", so you know what I decided on there. Amy (Something We Seek) and I went together, and she dubbed herself "Tiger Lily" on her name tag.

Welcome to The Fomo Factory!

The "Macarena" song welcomed us into the first experiential area, there was confetti everywhere, and I felt like I was back in time. Now that's super rad. I couldn't stop thinking about the cupcakes on the walls, too. They smelled so good! (You can also buy them in the Fomo Factory gift shop at the end of your experience.)With 7 spaces to snap as many selfies and photos as possible, the activities in each room were endless. There were scrabble letters, toys on the walls, school supplies, blocks, a ball pit, and more. I took over 300 pictures, but these were my favorites. I would love to go through it again if I could! :)

Now is your chance to see it all for yourself until October 21st.

Experience this colorful joy firsthand, and buy your tickets here: again to The Fomo Factory for inviting me. I hope you have fun if you decide to attend, too!XoXo Kitty