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“ is a unique gift shop that celebrates your memories. Our gifts evoke giggles and private jokes. Sometimes we say bad words. We crush hard on the 80’s and 90’s.

Located in Massachusetts, our online gift store was created in 2010. has been mentioned in hundreds of magazines, blogs and news outlets across the country.  

Ashley Judge, head gal at, has been finding joy in objects for as long as she can remember. As a child, her most prized possession was her folder of clippings (this was pre-Pinterest) from her mom’s magazines. Long before she knew the phrase “e-commerce”, Ashley was curating treasures.  “


Always Fits ( is a great place to search for rad, unique gifts like 80's and 90's nostalgia, sassy pieces, feminist accessories, and even more empowering self-affirmations. Check out some of these cute items that set my colorful soul on fire!

Oh, baby, baby!


Aren't these Britney Spears socks the cutest? They take me back to my days after school, when I'd watch MTV's TRL countdown. I'm a pom pom fan because of this music video. Get your socks here.

These two cheeky type of items go together like hell in a hand basket. I'm down.

The "Cute Little Fuckers" dish towel made me laugh so hard. And of course, there's a little redhead painting cute little animals everywhere. It also captures my feelings as a mother, when I am in the kitchen. All sass! Want your own dish towel? Grab one here.Ok, so let's talk about the Golden Girls Hot Sauce set. This is a thing of pure magic for me. I grew up in Florida and watched this show growing up. I don't think I should've been watching it, especially now that I actually can enjoy the jokes for what they were. (Oops! haha)Are you a fan of hot sauce? I'll list them in the order of my heat preferences from a little spice to a whole mouth of wow:

  • Desert Rose Jalapeño Hot Sauce

  • Bea Spicy Jalapeño Hot Sauce

  • Hot Slut Habanero Hot Sauce

  • Sicilian Fire Habanero Hot Sauce


Try at your own risk. I can only go by what I know here, and I think Hot Slut is my favorite. I'm a habanero junkie, so I tend to lean towards more heat. (Side note: I don't like ghost pepper.)Order your Golden Girls Hot Sauce here, if you're down for heat at your own risk. (You can find tons of nostalgic gifts all over

Achievement: Childhood unlocked with the scent of Strawberry Shortcake.

This doll brings me back to the days I ran that daycare like a boss. I was way too young to realize this relic in time would tag along for such great memories. I brought my little doll everywhere, until the scent faded away. I thought I forgot the scent, but as soon as the box opened, I got that sweet fix of strawberries and nostalgia. Good times. If you had one or you've always wanted one, you can grab one here.



More socks and a cute mug? Check yes. I loved this show so much that my parents will never let me live down the catch phrase, "CARE BEAR STARE!" Poor things. See what us kids do? And now as a parent, it's hilarious how quickly these sort of things get stuck in your brain like "Baby Shark" -- wow! I'm pretty sure my love for colorful things and seeking harmony stems from this show. I had a bunch of the stuffed animals, pajamas, lunch boxes with the thermos and plastic lunch utensils. Luck Bear and Cheer Bear are bringing back that love tenfold for me. I now get to share that joy with my son. Bonus! :)Shop your Care Bears gear on

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