Summer never ends!


Summer Never Ends 4Summer Never Ends 7Summer Never Ends 2

BTW: It isn't Fall yet.

(Summer DOES end, but let's stop trying to rush the upcoming seasons...)

Did the temperature outside need to remind you?

Oh, that's right! We are still in the 90-100 degree range of heat, but everyone is rushing to craft and retail stores, for Fall and Winter items. (If you live somewhere prone to Winter mayhem, I understand why you're shopping for coats. However, why are you already shopping for holiday decorations?! COME ON!) Get it together, folks, and relax with only one layer of clothing, while you still can!

What am I talking about here?

Summer cool down.

I grabbed my favorite tropical color palette, which is inspired by my trip to Nicaragua 3 years ago. I found this belt in the Masaya marketplace, and it was love at first sight. With bright colors and the shorter the shorts, this spells for a match made in heaven for my taste.I'll enjoy dressing lightly, before the months of layering rolls into town. (Don't get me wrong: I love dressing for Fall and Winter, but how come it is so taboo to wear little clothing, when it is too darn hot out?! No thanks!)If you're into sweating to death, when there's a heat index of 105, that's your own risk. However, I prefer to feel cool and comfortable. Whether you're headed to some  outdoor activities, or if you're looking for a way to run errands around town in style, shorts are always the way to go!TIP: If your thighs touch like mine do, always bring lotion to avoid chaffing from hell. ;)#redhotthoughts: Don't be afraid to get cheeky, if you choose to rock the free feeling of shorts.XoXo