Lady in Red


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Classic Kitty: Purrrrrrr!

You can never have enough red!

Rest assured, this lady in red loves dancing and making a statement on the go!I don't always wear heels, but I enjoy a comfortable pitch in the arch and a decent height to enhance my vertical challenges. (It's great being short, but sometimes, I like to get a fresh perspective!)

5 Tips for Dressing Chic on the go:

  1. Always bring an extra pair of shoes (flats or sandals)
  2. Carry a bag that is stylish and functional—decide based on your needs to go big or small.
  3. Bring band-aids. Things happen when you least expect it!
  4. Pick colors and prints that represent you in the best way possible.
  5. Keep accessories to a minimum. Showing off your style with less says more.

Chic does not mean you need to sacrifice comfort.

While I do love stepping out in these gorgeous D'Orsay style pumps, I always carry an extra set of shoes and band-aids. You never know when you're going to be over it. Let's face it: yes, heels are pretty, but sometimes, I'm just not feeling it after a few hours. Call me whatever you'd like, but I have to live with myself and I'd rather NOT have pain crushing my soul from the feet up. (We've all been there.) Bring on the ballet flats and sandals!

Why is your bag so big?

I'm not toting around this huge bag for nothing! When I run errands for work or leisure, I'd like to be prepared for just about anything. I know the trendy thing to do is carry tiny purses, but I like to mix it up. If I don't need to bring a lot of things with me for the day, a small clutch will do.

Be yourself. Be comfy. Do your thing, mama!

Enjoy your own twist on chic, but be comfortable and functional. Why hurt yourself, when you can still look sexy in some flats? (If heels are your thing, all the power to you!) Impress yourself and live life on your terms. I'm a lot happier when my feet and overall outfit are comfy. How about you?A special thanks to Stephanie Carmouche, for the hair and makeup!