Set Boundaries


Welcome to the 1st Weekly Tarot Reading!

thestarEvery week, you'll find a weekly tarot fashion scope here under Cosmos & Crystals. It's my fun way of trend forecasting and showcasing my favorite styles. Born under the sign of the ginger, with a passion for loud statements, here's to the unapologetic fashion babes! :)

Define the line.

Our clothes tell a story of our own self-expression, so we should define ourselves with strength, honor and courage.

  • Strength

    • Wear what makes you feel good!
  • Honor

    • Embrace yourself!
  • Courage

    • Find ways to try new things and be yourself!

When we dress for success and still stay true to who we are as an individual, we are showing that we have set boundaries for ourselves and others.

What does it mean to set boundaries?

We have relationships with friends, family, our significant other, money, health, etc. Based on what we allow from these people and things shows our sense of boundaries or the lack of boundaries. For clarification, setting boundaries in this post does not mean body shaming or slut shaming women into covering up. However, it does mean dress the part of whatever role it is you're seeking to attain!

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