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Fashionably Empowered

Pink and Silver Fashion transforms women into feeling their most confident, sexy and empowering. Do you dare to be yourself? :)Pink N Silver 02

Painting the Town in Pink and Silver

Pink N Silver 15With the latest trends at an affordable price, you don't need to travel to L.A. or SOHO, for that personalized and unique boutique ambience. You can find it right here in Austin, Texas. :)With inspiration from Carrie's closet in "Sex in the City", and Kathy's own passion for fashion and interior design, Pink and Silver Fashion (You can shop here: is Kathy Pastora's dreamy, mobile fashion boutique.

Pink N Silver 06Throughout this post, you'll find me styled in one of Kathy's picks, from Pink and Silver Fashion truck's collections. The weather dropped and I felt relaxed with the Fall's crisp air. This was my farewell to summer, as well as my transition to Fall look. Enjoy :)
Pink N Silver 17

"Growing up in LA with countless trendy boutiques and vintage shops, and living in New York for four years, I was inspired to open a shop of my own."

Pink N Silver 18With a permanent location at The Domain, as well as an additional truck that travels around town, Pink and Silver Fashion allows Kathy to create personalized experiences with her customers.Pink N Silver 23

"Since Pink and Silver is in a truck with only one fitting room, I get to interact with all of my customers and build relationships. When I shop for the boutique, I keep in mind different body shapes and what made them feel sexy."

Pink N Silver 20

"Shopping should be fun." Amen!

Pink N Silver 03Kathy's incredible selection of the latest trends helps women feel empowered to shop among the best looks of the season, without having to travel halfway across the country in either direction! It's an intimate setting, where you can have "a bonding experience with your friends or daughters".Pink N Silver 11Customers can feel comfortable knowing they're getting the best of the current trends on the market. The "carefully selected, unique clothing and accessories" make the shopping process a breeze.

Get the best of the best.

Pink N Silver 05Kathy shops designers for countless hours, so you don't have to sift through racks and racks of collections. Talk about major girl power vibes right here: Pink and Silver Fashion's goal is to help make it easier for women to shop and have fun.Pink N Silver 13My eyes always want to bulge out of my head when I'm browsing the collections. I can easily see myself adding 4-5 outfits to my own wardrobe. Every time I find a look that upgrades my style, I feel more confident and sexy. It's great being able to wrap yourself in fringe, suede and lace :)

Dress iconic!

Pink N Silver 04For fashion inspiration, runway shows, Vogue magazine, local bloggers and social media feed Kathy's creativity.Expressing the pioneering spirit of her favorite fashion icon, Kathy mentions,

"You can't say fashion icon, without Coco Chanel popping into your head. If it weren't for her, we would still be wearing that uncomfortable corset."

With Pink and Silver Fashion's style, Kathy's favorite photo shoot muse is Brigitte Bardot in the 60s and 70s. (What a great choice, too!)Pink N Silver 01I know I wanted a piece of the boho chic glamour in my life, after finding Pink and Silver Fashion on social media. The collections are iconic, transformative and versatile.Pink N Silver 14If you're looking for help to take pieces and trends throughout the seasons, just ask Kathy for some Pink and Silver Fashion magic.

What's next?

Pink N Silver 16Look out for Pink and Silver Hotchpotch in mid-November, which is a 1970s vintage truck, with a home decor selection as well.

Just in time for holidays, right? Be sure to stay tuned, because I know you'll want to save up for the new truck debut! You won't want to miss out. :)

Whether you're looking for current trends with the Fashion truck or vintage vibes with the Hotchpotch truck, Kathy's changing the face of the Austin fashion scene. I can't wait to see what goodies are for sale! In the future, expect a two-story shipping container location, with a website expansion in the works.

Are you ready for the Pink and Silver Fashion experience?

Pink N Silver 22Stop in at one of the truck locations, or shop from home.

If you liked this look, stay tuned for another fun project I'll post next Friday!Pink N Silver 12

A special thanks goes to the following, for helping style and shoot me:

Styling: Kathy Pastora

HMUA:  Stephanie Carmouche 

Photography: Elias Garcia

 Pink N Silver 19For this blog feature: I'd like to thank Pink and Silver Fashion,  for the collaborative sponsorship. All quotes are from Pink and Silver Fashion owner Kathy Pastora. All thoughts here are my own. If it's on my blog, you know I love it —and that's priceless. :)XoXo Kitty