Roomify Bedroom Makeover


Need help decorating? Oh, yeah!

Roomify's new collections and decor really tie the room together.

Roomify sent me these items for free in exchange for an Instagram post. All thoughts are 100% my own red hot thoughts.

My bedroom was looking super dark and in complete disarray. I've always struggled with coordinating a look that matched with my husband's style, without me overdoing the all pink aesthetic. Although he is totally for a color explosion, I know that blues and greens tend to keep me more grounded. (I'm a total earth sign, if you couldn't tell. :) ) Roomify teamed up with me and took on the challenge to help me with my bedroom decor.

Elevate and celebrate your own space.

Since we're unable to paint the beige apartment walls, decorating with colorful intention is my solution. To start planning how to decorate, I first selected a bedding set. I'll walk you through my thought process with each step of the way here. As you've seen on my insta stories, each package has a sassy little label, even from the moment you crack open the box with a big, "DAYUMM." These showcase the brand personality and dialed me in real quick. (THANK YOU!!!!)


You can find vibrant, neutral, or printed styles that match your aesthetic. I went with the Teal Agave Bed Set , and its fringe detailing and puckering throughout the comforter raises the attention to detail. As seen in my insta stories, the label doesn't lie about its intentions, "I make all your dreams come true." Not only is it great to look at, but it's also super soft and keeps you warm without feeling overheated. Yes, even in the dead of summer, it has me feeling all the feels. This set also comes with the necessary 4 piece sheet set to set it off. Of course, the label had me laughing with an "Oh Sheet" on it. I love a comfy bed I can dive into and pass out within my own personal cloud.

It's all about the details: "Let's just pillow talk."

The faux furry white throw pillow and teal fringe pillow create more dimension to the bedding. While tying in the color scheme, the pillows also add a bit of texture to play with the bedding's tassel detailing. One is soft and the other is a decorative type of pillow with a bit more sturdiness.

I'm down to hang.

I love tapestries! I used to hang them in my dorm and first apartment, when I was in college. Now, fast forward to post grad life. I'm married and adventuring through parenthood, but that doesn't mean I have to lose my sense of style! I still feel just as excited to adorn my walls with bursts of color. When I saw this tapestry, I knew I needed it on my wall. Look at the watercolor style cacti! Enough said, right? It pulls the bright light in from the window and lightens up the room. Would something like this make your day, too? :)

Loving this room style? Get shopping and redecorate. You got this!

Visit Roomify and shop collections that color coordinate, while organizing your life in stylish ways.Thanks for reading!XoXo Kitty