Make Waves for the DEEP DIVE Collection


Debuting on May 10th, the DEEP DIVE Collection is bringing its A-game.

I received this courtesy of Red Earth, and I can’t wait to share with you my 100% red hot thoughts.

Previously, I got to try out some skincare and makeup before becoming a brand rep. Now, I'm taking the plunge with this skincare preview just for you! Want to know more?

Let’s break down how to use it, so you know what you can expect.


  1. DEEP DIVE Thirst Quenching Water Essence - Use this first on your cleansed face and neck. (Remember: You don’t want to trap dirt in your skin, when you’re trying to soak in all the goodness here. Please do yourself a favor and wash your face beforehand.) You can use your fingers or a cotton pad with as little as 4-5 drops.
  2. Because I’m into taking extra steps for beauty and skincare, and I love staying hydrated, let’s kick it up a notch. This is one of my favorite parts, too! Did you know that the Happy Pills face masks expand after submerging them each into the essence? Like most masks, you can leave this one on for as long as 15 minutes. You can get a lot done or rest it up in the meantime.
  3. After you’re done with your mask, be sure to use a toner. Want to add the DEEP DIVE Thirst Quenching Toner to complete your collection? Yeah, you do! I didn’t get a sample of the toner, but I did enjoy the other products in the collection. I haven’t been disappointed with anything they’ve sent so far, and with that, I feel solid about ordering and testing it out. I’m super dry here in Texas, and this collection already has me feeling refreshed.
  4. Now, it is time for that luxurious pool, err, I mean DEEP DIVE Water Cream to layer onto your face and neck. I love that it is unscented. I kept smelling it over and over to confirm that. Skincare and makeup all tend to have multiple scents. Sometimes I’ll end up smelling like a fruit salad. (Not like that’s a bad thing!) With this, you can hydrate without any lingering scents. Rest in hydration, babes! BONUS: Add another cool, soothing layer before you go to sleep.

If you want to order this collection, it will be available at on May 10th. Use the code XOgingermeglam to receive 15%.Disclosure: I get a tiny commission as a brand rep. If you’re really into it and buy some, I appreciate your purchase and support. If you’re just browsing, I’m also grateful for your readership. You rock!XoXo Kitty