May Ellie Activewear Review


Keep it fresh with beautiful blues in the May Ellie Activewear box.

Each month I receive a free 3-pack box courtesy of Ellie Activewear (, and I write my 100% red hot thoughts on how it worked for me. 

Here's what I thought about it from top to bottom and everything in between!


The top has the perfect short sleeve length. It isn't a cap sleeve or too long. It allows for a full range of motion and perspiration without looking like a soggy mess. I absolutely love this black shirt's cute cut-outs on the back, too. The neckline sits right on the chest and shows off a bit of the sports bra details, too. It can be a bit sexy, even if it's subtle! You could totally use the top with a cute skirt, shorts, or jeans for looks outside of just activewear. I live in Texas, so it will be a great top to wear beyond working out. Who else loves versatile pieces in their wardrobe? :)

Sports Bra

The mesh catches everyone's eyes the first time they check it out. I've had women at the grocery store and gym compliment me on the impeccable details. I loved how snug this sports bra fit, so you know you're getting maximum support. It felt comfy and encapsulated me in place. The best part? It allows for your natural shape and has a bit of a front peekaboo. It's cool enough for busty chicks like myself, so you don't feel suffocated or like you're sweating to death in full coverage bras. I look for both functionality and style, so if it fits my needs, then I can get selective with color. Blue is one of my favorite colors for working out, so I'm happy to add this one into my workout wardrobe.


These leggings are the perfect length for me! I am a bit on the petite side, so these might be more of a capri fit on someone taller than 5'4" :) The blue is a vibrant and rich color for me, and the fabric is smoother than I could imagine. I like that it has my favorite little detail: lace-up. Ellie Activewear is known for these charming details. I kept getting compliments on them and people were surprised I wasn't afraid to share the information. Style should be shared and enjoyed together, so why not help a fashionista out? I think this is one of my favorite pieces by far.

Curious to try out your own 3-piece set? Visit, and let me know what you think! Enjoy $5 off your first month.

XoXo Kitty