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(Original illustrations and self-portrait by Daneisha of Pixel & Ink Creative)

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(I was sent a pin, stickers, and print for free, while in exchange for a review. All thoughts are 100% my own red hot thoughts. Enjoy learning about Daneisha's creative pieces she sent me and my perspective on the stylish world of Pixel & Ink Creative.)

While searching hashtags and super cute pin-up styles on Instagram, I found one of my favorite people on the internet and became e-friends with Daneisha Davis-Harger. Daneisha opened up shop for Pixel & Ink Creative in Lake Charles, Louisiana. If you're like me and want all of the "fun things", Pixel & Ink Creative is the brand you've been looking for. With posters, prints, and pins to name a few of her fun collectibles, Daneisha's style brings together nature and/or pop culture within each piece. Personally, one of my favorite prints is her "Welcome to Florida", since it has a bright colored flamingo on a fresh cut lawn. It makes me think of my hometown Miami.Daneisha had me at "terrible adult" with her witty enamel pin and stickers. (Fun fact: You're lucky if you grab one of her limited runs of the terrible adult shirt, too! Also: Check her out on Facebook and Instagram. You'll see for yourself why I'm into her aesthetic.) You can totally be a terrible adult and sleep all day to your heart's content. Adorn that jean jacket with a fresh bit of honesty-- you've earned it, so pin it up and spray some Febreeze real quick. That's what I do!) The mint color and bottle cap style remind me of those retro homemade pins, where they'd turn a bottle cap and a safety pin into a statement piece. (Daneisha, you've created quite a sleek enamel pin, and the typography is gorgeously designed, too. Thank you!) If you collect pins, go and order one for you and a friend right now. Talk about having fabulous style and relevant pop culture pieces within her shop and local marketplace pop-ups.She's also a murderino, digs ModCloth, and illustrates the most gorgeous "gems and stems" for each month respectively. Peep that cute September sapphire illustration above with my pink carpet shot. Daneisha personally selected this for me, and it was the sweetest thing! Which month of gems and stems are you purchasing for your wall of art?Thanks again for sending me a print, stickers, and a pin in exchange for a review. I look forward to rocking these on my notebook, studio wall, and jean jacket. Where would you rock your Pixel & Ink Creative pins, stickers, and art?XoXo Kitty