March Ellie Activewear Review


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Finding New Ways to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

This month I received a 3-pack of activewear from Ellie Activewear in exchange for my 100% red hot thoughts. All opinions are my own.

March's Ellie Activewear look packed a refreshing geometric and bold capri ensemble that felt sleek in the hot Texas weather. Some days felt more like winter and other days like summer, but right now, this outfit is perfect for staying active in the temporary Texas spring conditions. If it gets a little muggy, take off the mesh shirt and dare to bare that midriff. It's going to get a bit personal here, but I know any time I share a piece of me that it helps others. I'd rather someone smile than waste any time feeling anything other than valued and enough. You deserve to feel good, and  regular exercise is what helps keep me in a positive state of mind. I hope that you enjoy reading my review, and please know that you're a badass all on your own no matter what. :)After having my son, I know my body hasn't been the same. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy wearing whatever I want. Granted I need to hit the trails more for personal goals, I am happy to be where I am and knowing my body has got me this far in life. If you're feeling ashamed of your body, don't. It's okay to realize that sometimes we have to recalibrate. For me, it's time to get back on track for positive changes inside AND out. When I worked out every other day for 2-3 hours, I was in the best shape of my life. Was I happy? Not even close to how I feel today-- and I was always hungry. I counted calories and it was crushing to never feel enough. For who and what? Stupid beauty standards. It was crippling. One thing I've always had: my health.  What keeps you alive? Well, simply what's important is what's going on inside of my body. My doctors tell me I've been in top shape, despite me rocking a size 4 then or a size 10 now. The next part of fitness and health may be a challenge, but thankfully, it is only a minor obstacle in this chapter of my life.Now, I've chosen to drown out the noise and guilt, whether I had made it up in my own mind or it was a pressure from outside influences. I don't put anyone else's opinion before my own. Why? When you do that for yourself, you unlock a better focus on who you are and what you want out of life. It's a constant maintenance, but if you aren't self-auditing, you're allowing yourself to fall into bad habits. Keep your eyes on the prize: happy and healthy. This is where Ellie Activewear comes into the picture. I'm not worried about constantly pulling up my pants or adjusting my bra. Things stay in place, so you can work hard on your fitness goals. Dedicating myself to at least an hour each day and healthy eating habits keeps me from feeling hangry or sad. Exercise is a wonderful mood booster, and if you love what you're wearing, you're going to want to show it off. (Ahem! Have you seen me rocking this look? Love it!)Ok, but are the pants realistically going to hold all this junk in my trunk AND let me squat like a boss? The short answer: yes. Have your pants ever done you wrong? Don't worry. When you stretch in bottoms from Ellie Activewear, the pants don't go sheer. Miracle, right? I can stay focused during my workout and not worry if I just flashed everyone near the squat rack. (Sorry, not sorry! You were looking- haha.) It's a win all around to find a fun brand like this that also supports gals with a booty like me. The bottoms actually fit without too much length or extra material in the crotch. The capris are super soft and they hug my butt beautifully. (I'm just saying!) The bra was extra supportive and comfortable. The back criss-cross design was a bit tight, but overall, I enjoyed feeling firm and secure. When I'm running or jumping up for burpees, I want to feel like I'm moving without any wardrobe malfunctions. For style and functionality, this look checks out.Want to grab a 3-pack or 5-pack each month? Try the no commitment service with the option to receive or not receive a box each month here. Want more goodies? Go to my Treat Yourself page for all of the awesome things.XoXo Kitty