Phlur: Reimagining Fragrances with Clean, Vegan, and Sustainable Ingredients


Phlur is my current clean beauty obsession from Austin!

Phlur reached out to me and sent me this Sample Set of my choice for free, which is in exchange for my 100% red hot thoughts. I only share items I love after sampling, so you can always expect my ginger opinion. :)

What's Phlur all about? How do they offer a more transparent fragrance?

This transparent cruelty-free fragrance brand gives you access to world class perfumers in each bottle. I’m intrigued with brands that innovate with everyone and the environment in mind. It makes me feel good about my purchasing power. Phlur combines sustainability and consumer consciousness. While keeping out potentially harmful ingredients and additives in their fragrances, the recycled, post-consumer packaging with veggie-based paint is leading the industry with its integrity. Fragrance is damaged by light, so you can't see through these bottles. This packaging helps avoid damaging the fragrance. You may enjoy your perfume longer than those clear glass ones for sale. (It's a win for me!)Open up and spray on a fragrance that’s not only clean, but also responsible. Allure says that they, “Cut the B.S. out of perfume.” Why skimp on quality, when you get it straight up? If you’re curious about the ingredients in each fragrance, there’s a list on their site. You can also request with further inquiry on any potential allergies you have with specific ingredients. Giving back to the community is also important to this brand, with a big focus on volunteering and donations. They donate over 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide like the IUCN.

How did I decide what to purchase for my Sample Set?

Buying scents online can seem too hard to gauge, but the Sample Set can be built with scent descriptions that resonate with you. The note descriptions helped me select the three I felt would be strong contenders. This set is $18. Selecting the Sample Set first is a great way to see what works for you, before you decide to invest in a full size fragrance. I selected Hepcat, Greylocke, and Hanami in my Sample Set. You can use my partner link to get $10 off:

Here’s a breakdown for what notes each one has lingering in its mist:

Hepcat ($88) : Saffron, black vetiver, tobacco, and oud. Greylocke ($88): Sea salt, bergamot, birch leaf, silver vetiver, and pine resin.Hanami ($88): Fig, white florals, hazelnut, and sandalwood.

Which one was my favorite? How can you get your own?

It was a bit of a toss up, but I have to say Hepcat is my number one pick. However, if I had to select 2 fragrances to invest in, I’d also throw in Hanami. Hepcat is warm, sultry, and sleek, but sometimes I prefer a sweet and refreshing fragrance like Hanami. It just depends on my mood or the occasion, but either way, Phlur has me covered! I can’t wait to try this out again and explore the other scents. Moab is on my mind!Which ones would you try in the comfort of your home? Let me know on my Instagram comments. Thanks for reading, and smell ya later! ;)XoXo Kitty