August Ellie Activewear Review


Cute Camo for Summer

Every month Ellie Activewear sends me a monthly 3-pack  for free in exchange for a review. Enjoy my 100% red hot thoughts, and read on if the outfit was a hit or miss for me. 

The Top

Although a bit sheer, it is soft and the loose fit is perfect for the hot temperatures outside. I overheat easily, but this made it feel more like a breeze. I can't rock tight shirts outside in the heat, so I was grateful this was a win! It had an open, cross back feature to the top, so it's great for some air. However, make sure to wear sunscreen and/or bug spray of your choice, so you stay cool and bite free!

The Sports Bra

I had originally bumped up my bra and top sizing to XL, but this month, I received L's. I think the fit is getting better and they adjusted the size based on the garments' fit. I cannot believe the fit on this sports bra. It's for low impact activities, but it keeps me secured and fits me like a glove. It keeps me busty and doesn't fall flat on support or that side view. The band also stays up while on the move. Nothing drives me crazy like a rolling sports bra band in motion. THANK YOU!!!! This is going to be a favorite. I might even have to buy another one, so I don't wear this one out. I'd like to thank lateral pull downs for helping me get my back in shape. Weights aren't scary, ladies! I've thrown out the scale to focus more on how I feel and fit in my clothing. I'm starting to feel more comfortable in the way I prefer to rock different looks. Aside from maintaining a positive mind set and body acceptance, it's important to not shame yourself or others based on appearance. Your body has brought you this far. Celebrate the failures you've overcome and wins you've triumphed. What are you doing today to feel your best? That's where I start when I get off track. Each day, I pick 5 things I'm grateful for and it changes the way I take on the day. Couple that with working out, and there's no way anything is getting in my way.***You are more than your looks, and I hope you feel your absolute best. If that's on a sliding scale, don't be too hard on yourself. I often give myself that courage to be brave, celebrate how far I've come, and what I am working on in my life. Gift yourself that love and grace. ***

The Bottoms

Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it just did. These cute camo printed leggings are tropical and versatile. While I miss the beach, they help me transition between a hot summer and hopefully what will be an actual fall season. (Please don't skip fall! It's my favorite!!! We'll see what happens.) The color scheme is great. It can mix and match with my previous Ellie pieces or other tops I rock when I'm not working out. Take the bottoms from day to night, out or lounging, or hot outdoors to cold indoors. No matter what, I think the fit, print, colors, and material all escalated this brand's legging game. WOW!

Digging the August Box for Ellie Activewear?

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