Pastel Perfect


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Fashion isn’t for any one singular type of person, so when I see images and messages of what a “real woman” looks like or should be, I have a moral obligation to be your moral compass and sanity gauge to tell you something contrary to popular belief:
I’m short, curvy and full of fire. I just had a baby 5 months ago, and I am far from apologetic. I’ll never let others standards tell me how to look or feel. Fashion should style us in happiness from the inside out. I’m currently a size 10 postpartum, but I’m perfectly fine with that. I eat clean, work out regularly and rub lotion on my tummy’s lady lines for good luck. The secret to great style is knowing who you are and showing the world your fearless, authentic self.
Here in my pastel perfect world, we let the rainbows, unicorns, hearts, stars, horseshoes, lucky charms, glitter, confetti and cupcakes reign in full force. I miss "Rainbow Brite" and the "Care Bears", so the closest thing I’ve got to that is my bright collection of hot pink accessories like this Kate Spade purse, Kendall + Kylie lace-up heels and mint green Victoria Secret bodycon dress. (I recently found this rad 80s/90s-inspired pastel necklace, with varying shades of the rainbow in different shapes. For unique finds like this, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds in Austin, Texas rules.)
Why do I wear such bright colors? I’m happy to dress myself in whatever I feel like wearing— and I never look back. (This is how we should each feel, instead of allowing others voices into our head.) Let your mood inspire your look for the day, and put that good energy to its best use!
Whether I lose weight and return to my postpartum size 6/8, or if I remain at my current size, I look in the mirror and smile. I’ve battled. I have scars. I have the honor and courage to know I’ve lived— and I'll continue to live with great spirit! It pains me to see other women struggling with these types of issues, because I know all too well what that feels like to hurt. I’m happy to have healed and help other women see their true beauty. (Stay tuned for more information on my Project Lady Lines documentary and future events.) No, I'm not a doctor, but there's just something about color that makes me go wild. Because color therapy is very real for me, I might as well spread the joy with you, too. :)
Everyone tries to paint a pretty picture, but we often forget to just live in the present moment. Style has helped me stay mindful and find myself immersed in all of my visual splendor. I believe in dressing boldly, whether it is simple in style, shape or color. Whatever fashion era, theme or mood board I’ve drafted in my mind, I let my wardrobe take me to another space and time. With this state of mind, I let the flaws fade into body positive affirmations and I remember to live my life full of love, happiness and intention.
If you’ve been holding back from unleashing the freak in your closet, have no fear and step out in those whacky threads. After all, why be fake when you can be true to your soul in daring apparel?
Slay away with your fierceness, ladies.