Mermaid Season Never Ends


Mermaid 01 Mermaid 08 Mermaid 07 Mermaid 06 Mermaid 05 Mermaid 04 Mermaid 03 Mermaid 02How can you be your own mermaid? It’s simple: put on your fish scale leggings and purple bralette, while throwing a light sweater on for good measure. If you need the luxury sentiment, add a dash of layered pearls, keys and other sunken treasures.If having a voice is powerful and that’s the ultimate tool for self-discovery, may I never lose such a wonderful gift. (And honey, this ginger has a lot of soul, so I wouldn’t trade it to Ursula! We’ve got standards to stay awesome, fashionable and full of love.) Ariel from The Little Mermaid captivated me, since I could sing “Part of Your World”. With a ginger role model in cartoon form, I always knew dressing safely in my happy place allowed me to create fun looks that made me feel whole.Creating this look, I channeled in my fellow virgo goddess from the 90s: Fiona Apple. Ok, so she wasn’t a mermaid in her “Criminal” video, but if you have a clean bathroom for selfies, why not utilize your space and rub-a-dub in the tub? With all of these articles out there promoting perfect mermaid hair in an array of rainbow hair colors, as well as sea salt sprays for bombshell waves, I had to showcase my own version of the mermaid look.