Cruelty-Free Body Care with Natural Ingredients and Heavenly Scents: Meet Latika.

Before Alt Summit, I searched on the app for attendees with similar interests and intriguing businesses. One of the brands I connected with that caught my eye, Latika Body Essentials, is located here in Austin, Texas! Read about how Latika got started and the products I’m testing at my own leisure.

This is NOT sponsored. These are my opinions and not paid or in exchange for a review. I was gifted a bag of goodies, and I wanted to tell you all about them. Why? They’re pretty awesome. Just saying!

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What is Latika?

Boss Mama Mazzi and her husband Erez came up with the brand, while she was in college in Israel. Fast forward to today, this power couple puts together all of their products with safe and natural ingredients. It’s free of the crud and full of love. (For the full Love Story behind Latika, click here.)

Latika makes body care feel good and guilt-free.

Why? This brand is:

  • handmade

  • made in the U.S.A

  • environmentally-friendly with its packaging

  • S.L.S. free

  • certified cruelty-free by PETA

  • paraben free

  • gluten-free

…and many of the products are vegan! 

Fun fact: Latika means “little plant”.  // “Feel Inspired. Feel Beautiful.”

TRUTH: You deserve to treat yourself, especially when you need a moment to recharge and invigorate the soul again. (Yes, even after a week long trip, babes!)

While waiting for my 6 a.m. flight to Palm Springs, I noticed Mazzi was on the same flight! I got to hear all about the brand, and I wanted to know more. After we hung out at the conference and the week of learning at Alt Summit had come to an end, Mazzi kindly gifted me handcrafted goodies for the return trip home. 

What’s in that goodie bag?

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Milk and Honey Bath bomb

(This is worthy of all caps. TRUST ME!!! I am in L O V E!!!!)

Let me stop you right there: it has Morrocan rose clay and leaves your bathroom with the enrapturing blend of a “comforting hug” as Latika puts it best. Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up like that?! Hello, I know I do. That one hour in the tub? Mine, so this is happening. :) 

Even before I put it into the bath tub, the scent is hypnotizing for me. (Clearly, Mazzi and Erez are on point with their luxurious ingredients and aromatics!) And the moisture level? It’ll leave you feeling silky smooth with its avocado oil and coconut oil shea butter. And it’s pink so, you know, if this is your thing, it will really make you smitten with its sweet, rosy peach bathwater.

Shop this bath bomb here.

Honeydew Lip Scrub Kit

If you lick it, it’s yours. Seriously, LICK IT OFF!

Get deliciously kissable lips with this sweet lip scrub. It exfoliates and helps for smoother lipstick applications. (Important: It removes dry skin and stimulates blood flow to your lips. GOALS!!!) It tastes like you’re eating a honeydew, and I’m all for it. A little goes a long way, too! You know that’s a win-win for me. Dare to get sexy. Who’s ready for a lip scrub kit?

Shop this kit here.

Honey Mint Lip Balm

Not your average lip balm here, babes.

Ditch the drugstore ones and trade it in for this “treat your lips” moisturizing essential. It has a fresh combo of cool mint and sweet honey, so you’re doubling down on soft lips and feeling good.

I have this in my gym bag, so I can head straight from the gym into errand mode without worrying about dried lips in the grocery store. 

Shop and get fresh here.

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Lavender Lip Balm

If you thought the other balm was hella good, you’re going to dig this one, too! 

I’m a sucker for anything lavender, for full disclosure here, but seriously, it has multiple uses essential especially if you go outside in mosquito country. I’m originally from Miami and relocated to Austin, so either way, I’m dealing with Jumanji-sized mosquito hell.

Rub it on insect bites and minor cuts if you wish, and/or use it for luscious soft lips. The scent has me hooked, and I pack this in my purse on the go. You won’t find me without it!

Shop for this dual purpose balm here.

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Top Pick

Does your face need a reset?

Try this lightweight cream. It feels refreshing, but you don’t even feel like it’s there!

It’s unscented, so you also won’t have to worry about a new smell! It’s simply nourishing in all of the right ways.

Organic Face Cream Lightweight

This organic and unscented face cream is so lightweight that you don’t even feel like it’s there. It’s hydrating and allows for a seamless makeup application if you choose to put on foundation. It’s free of any harmful chemicals and soft! It has allow, organic herbal extracts, organic oils and more. 

Which organic oils and plant extracts? Aloe vera juice, castor seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, allantoin plant extract, oat protein, vitamin E, heal all plant extract, and rosemary seed extract. 

The harmful products you won’t find in it: Synthetic ingredients, fragrance oil, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, petroleum, EDTA, or phenoxyethanol. (Sounds scary!)

^ Thanks for keeping these out of your products.

Shop the face cream here.

I hope you enjoyed my review and

let me know if you try any of their products!

Follow Latika on Instagram for upcoming events and product features. 

Happy shopping! XoXo