Dear Katie Brown: Welcome to the Glitter Squad

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Sparkle at


own risk

These @dearkatiebrown uniquely pressed glitter eyeshadows are effortlessly gorgeous!

They’re vegan and cruelty-free, and because of the plant based wax, you can even apply them without glue or primer.

(Did you know this is also a woman owned and operated brand here in Austin, Texas? So much awesomeness right there!!!)

DKB is the shadow for me!

Dear Katie Brown gave me this free gift of eyeshadows, glitter applicator, magnetic eyeshadow palette case, a limited edition lip balm, cute sparkle mug, and a glitter squad tee. I’m ready to take on the day in all sparkling glory! Unicorns, mermaids, and glitter queens? OH MY! :) I live for it. And no, this is NOT sponsored. I’m smitten and want to shout it from the top of a mountain. The best I can do is travel to my blog to give you the details, hehe.

I couldn’t believe won such a great blend of makeup goodies! These eyeshadows will give me stand alone looks or wonderful buildable looks. How should I blend them together? Which colors were you immediately drawn to here? It’s hard to pick a favorite, especially when they look amazing. DKB has started an eco-friendly glitter eyeshadow obsession, and I don’t intend on quitting any time soon. :)

What can you expect?

Ease of Use:

You can use your finger or a glitter applicator. This makeup is for all levels.

You’ve got to start somewhere! Apply a couple of layers or get thick in glitter. Beauty is what you make of it, dear.


You’ll receive a cute package with fun stickers, adorable tissue paper, and glitter confetti! Be prepared. It made my day!

Take the single eyeshadow pan out of the envelope and set it inside of your DKB magnetic palette. Now you’re ready to play.

Overall Wear throughout the Day:

For best results, lock it in with glitter glue and/or primer.

With me, I end up looking like an arts and crafts project, if I don’t use anything to set it.

I’m okay with finding glitter on my hair and clothing. I love to shine.

(To be honest, you’re either a glitter fan or you’re not. )

JOIN THE SPARKLE GANG if you dare to sparkle! ;)

*** Remember to use caution when using glitter in your makeup routine.

I always get glitter everywhere, so I use glitter glue and an applicator for the most control. ***

Recommend to a Friend:

Yes! Everyone can enjoy a glitzy pick-me-up.

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Which shadow excites you the most?

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Swatch it up!

Killer Queen



Lone Star

Spiritual Rebellion

First Light