Influenster Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review


marc jacobs influenster review by ginger me glam makeup wearing shot

I kept it simple, so you can see the foundation without any concealer or other products layered.

**Received this product complimentary for sampling via Influenster, but all opinions are my own.**

NOTE: Yes, I apply moisturizer and primer before foundation.

What is the finish, texture, and coverage?

I feel conflicted. It has great coverage, but I'm not fan of how dry this matte finish feels on my skin. I like that it is lightweight, but it feels too thick if you add an additional layer for more coverage. It's not full coverage for me, but it's definitely seamless. It looks great on me, but when first applied, it looks too pale for me. It oxidizes, which is cool, but it threw me off. I can see my freckles through the foundation. That's fine, but it feels a bit drying when adding even more layers.

How does it feel and wear?

It's great for hot climates, since it isn't oily and it doesn't transfer onto everything you brush up against or wear. (Thank you.) There's nothing worse than staining your partner's collar, a seatbelt, or shoulder with half of your face wiped off from a light graze. Seriously, this stuff stays on for the most part.

What do you think about the SPF and overall packaging?

I'm in between about how the SPF foundation feels. The packaging is great for traveling or taking it with me in my purse during the day. I like that it has SPF, but I currently use Glossier SPF under my Urban Decay foundation. I generally like when a foundation already has SPF, so I don't have to buy multiple products or take longer to get ready. That's a plus if you need a two-for-one pick.

What foundation do I currently use and how does it compare?

I prefer the liquid foundation All Nighter by Urban Decay. It doesn't leave me feeling dry. (Yes, I have moisturizer on under my makeup.) However, I like that a little bit goes a long way with the Marc Jacobs shameless 24-hour foundation with SPF 25. It doesn't look like I have any makeup on, and that's amazing. What's weird is that it appears to cake on when you first apply it, but now, it's looking way better and more even with my tone. It's covering, but barely there.

Overall rating: 3/5

I liked it, but I wasn't in love with it.(To sign up for Influenster to try out products in exchange for reviews, check out their program here.)