February Ellie Activewear Review


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Rose-colored workout gear with a remix on edgy, geometric designs? This is totally a thing for me. (I don't mind! Keep them coming.)

Ellie activewear sends me a free box each month in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own 100% red hot thoughts. 

Obviously, pink is one of my favorite colors. I also absolutely LOVE mint, this month's Ellie Activewear box and its festive color way uplifted my spirits. The Texas weather fluctuates between super chilly and scorching hot, so I'm not sure it realizes we're rapidly approaching spring. It's time to figure it out, right? It's been hard trying to dress in general, but it's been even more challenging attempting to navigate activewear looks that keep me warm and cool at the same time.This month's 3-pack sent me a soft and lightweight tank with a strappy back detail. I love light colors, and this one serves as a great skin tone for me. However, I usually wear darker sports bra colors, so I tried to be open to having my bra silhouette reveal through the fabric. At first, I thought the tank might not do me justice, but after rocking it, I felt confident to enjoy this new tank color into my collection. It shows off my tattoos well, so I'm into it. :)The compression style sports bras with removable cups is comfy, but for added support, I recommend keeping your straps tighter by at least an inch. This way you can move without worrying. Before you're off to go running or hit the gym, don't forget your pants! (I mean, it was a bit cold, but who's taking note?) This legging style has been remixed a few times with different fabrics, and I love that.This particular cut and mixed fabric look holds up to the test for all activities. Not only is it eye-catching and comfy, but it doesn't reveal your panty choice when dropping it like a squat. (Yeah, I just said that.) Let's get real, ladies! You know those leggings that attract the wrong crowd, when you just want to work out in peace. These are the leggings that have served me well, and there haven't been any sheer booty moments. Thank you, Ellie Activewear. My gym dignity is important to my workout, too.Want to grab a 3-pack or 5-pack each month? Try the no commitment service with the option to receive or not receive a box each month here. Want more goodies? Go to my Treat Yourself page for all of the awesome things.