Coceaux Le Fontaine X Anton C. Buencamino


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Anton C. Buencamino

Comeback Couture

Anton C. Buencamino: Coceaux Le Fontaine Collection

High-end fashion designer/atelier Anton C. Buencamino from Manila, Philippines is making a tenacious comeback with his one-of-a-kind, signature Coceaux doll.If you don't know Coceaux Le Fontaine, you'd better get acquainted and treat her like a lady!These decadent dolls are branded with Buencamino's initials and no two dolls are alike. The lavish angels are adorned with lush and crisp fabrics, gorgeously embellished decorative hair pieces and exquisite attention to detail in Coceaux's accessories.

 “Couture fashion has always been my passion. Everything you see on the doll is handcrafted by me, from the makeup, hair, jewelry and all!”

These handmade dolls are proudly made in the Philippines. Using his own handmade dolls, Anton transforms the raw version into whimsical couture runway glamour. Anton is always carefully crafting doll after doll, giving each Coceaux her own silhouette.[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="1553,1554"]

Create a special moment with a custom Coceaux Le Fontaine of your own.

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="1576,1578"]One of my favorite dolls is made of 100% pineapple fiber. The pineapple fiber is handwoven and embroidered. (It's special construction takes at least 2 months to finish 4 yards of the embroidered material!) Coceaux Le Fontaine here is wearing a traditional Filipino wedding gown made out of pineapple fiber. This fiber is only indigenous to the Philippines. What a beauty! Who wouldn't want a replica bride mini me like this muse?! Sign me up!

 How do you purchase your own one-of-a-kind angel?

Coceaux Angel Doll by Anton C. BuencaminoMake your holiday special: introduce Coceaux Le Fontaine to your home and collect your favorites!Whether you're looking for a “bride mini me”, Christmas tree angel topper, or additional special requests, please feel free to reach out to Anton here or visit his shop for more.

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