CHIC Campaign


CHIC Campaign300 new suits. 300 new starts.

Help raise enough money to create 300 suits and provide 300 new starts. Will you clothe her in confidence? For ethically made, high-quality suiting at a greatly reduced cost from Quebec, Canada, you can help clothe women in confidence and empower women who are vulnerable and in need of a professional suit in plus sizing.As seen on KXAN Austin news, Christiana White, owner of The Moxie Fox in Austin, Tx, is a determined beacon of support and creativity in the fashion world. Working to create solutions like the CHIC campaign for underserved women, Christiana helps redefine the shopping experience for these women. Christiana has teamed up with Dress for Success in Austin to turn the women who walk through the doors into economic powerhouses.The power suit is reimagined in 2-and 3-piece suits for these courageous curvy women, with the help of your sponsorship. Please watch the video I’ve created for the campaign, sponsor a suit and share it with your friends and family:Interview with KXAN Austin News:XoXo Kitty

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