Break Free



Make a decision and grow!

Ok, so now what?

It can be a bit confusing at this time, with important decisions ahead of you. However, you already know the answer. STOP avoiding the call to action, and make your decision now.

Blah, blah, blah...

You know those people who are unpaid critics? Pray for them. They're going to need it, when you blaze the trail to the top. But, enough of that! <3

Price check: Value your badassery :)

No matter where you are in life, people will always have something to say. Remember this: do whatever the fuck you want! Now that that is out of the way, let go of what's holding you back. It's hard to expect change, when you're doing the same old thing.

Be fulfilled.

It's time to push forward and go full throttle. With that said, we are what we think, so be happy and chase your dreams. Do you believe in yourself? Well, you should! You're a badass and you need to let the world see your magic at work. :)

It's time to break free.

Awaken to what truly makes you different, empowered, helpful and fulfilled. Break it off with ego, status, negativity and dead-ends. If you're going to get a head start on your 2016 resolutions, how about actually following through with some self-help? You've got a lot to offer, and it is time to create passive income, show the world your passions and be your true self.

Let it burn.

What are you so afraid of, huh? Dig deep into your soul. That dream you've always had of accomplishing, since you were a little girl? You should pursue it now that you're in between jobs. Looking over jobs online, but you're wishing you had your own business? Time to make it happen. And to all the failed projects, relationships and goals? Let it fall.Learn from it, break free of its weight and keep on the good fight. You are about to make big moves. It hasn't felt more right than it does now. So why wait? You can't expect anything different, if you never take a risk. Seek your reward. Stop the self-talk! You're getting your ducks in a row, and it isn't for nothing.

Create something from nothing. ::drops mic::

Like a phoenix to the fire, I am born of the ashes. I have come to create change, and I am not going anywhere!I hope this week's reading helps you find some inner peace and lights a fire under your ass :)XoXo Kitty