Blank Slate Patterns: The Catalina Dress Pattern is Now Available in Sizes XXS-3X


Are you ready to sew your own story?

Blank Slate Patterns, created by Melissa Mora, is where her design experience evolved from dressing her Barbie and theatre costumes into digitized patterns. BSP allows adults and kids alike to purchase patterns and to create their own garments with a special touch. Launching the Catalina Dress pattern now in sizes XXS-3X, this gives more size options for people to enjoy. You can put together 3 different dress lengths and two different sleeve options-- whichever gets your bobbin going! :)

Which Catalina Dress options am I wearing?

I'm rocking the customized maxi length dress, elastic waist, and tank top style. I love the lightweight feel to the dress and the waist style with the button details down the front. (Note: It has pockets, so please rejoice with me!) What's great about these patterns is that you can cut them unique to your body measurements and needs. Melissa tailored the bodice and length just for me. It's hard to find the perfect fit in tops, since I have narrow shoulders and a larger bust. If you find it hard to fit in pieces at the store, the next best option is to customize your wardrobe to fit just you. This is why I'm digging Blank Slate Patterns. You get the chance to give yourself the perfect fit. I've also posted Rachael's cap sleeve and at the knee length dress style for you to compare each variation. We had so much fun modeling these dresses for Blank Slate Patterns! The pattern suggests to use lightweight knit jersey, and you may also select lightweight woven fabrics like broadcloth, poplin, sateen, silk, or rayon. This style can be worn through warmer temperatures from spring to fall. It's versatile to pair with different accessories and outerwear if need be.

 Which way will you customize your Catalina Dress?

To purchase your own digitized pattern for the Catalina Dress, click here to sew your own story. For more information on Black Slate Patterns, please visit: Kitty* All opinions are 100% my own red hot thoughts. I was paid for the fitting and modeling; and I was gifted the dress since it was made to fit my figure. ** All photos are courtesy of Blank Slate Patterns. I have permission to use these for my blog.