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It’s that time of month, and no, this sort of thing shouldn’t be as taboo as everyone avoids the subject.

It’s a fact of life for some of us, and I’m not content with the usual brand choices for period products at the store. L. period products reached out to me for a paid sponsorship, so I could try it out and post what I thought about their tampons. (Don't worry! You know I only share my favorite products and services with you, so relax, read and enjoy my 100% ginger thoughts.)

L TamponsWhat is L.?

This no B.S. company started when Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist for the Red Cross and United Nations, sprung into action after documenting the harsh realities that not all women and girls received the necessary access to reproductive rights. How did she positively change high impact areas for HIV/AIDS, while also supporting women and girls with hygiene products? Talia supported them with tampons, pads and condoms. (Yes, Talia, yes!)

"It's not just what you give. It's how you give."- Talia Frenkel.

If you care about the pesticides sprayed on food and don’t eat that, why would you stick it to yourself? I’m not a scientist or an expert, but from my own personal testimonial, I feel better with the design, feel and peace knowing I’m not only doing something healthy for myself, but I’m also helping others.

What makes them so special, Kitty?

Made with certified GOTS Organic Cotton, you can use their pads and tampons without worrying about chlorine, rayon, pesticides, fragrances and dyes. Yikes! Can you imagine what this does to our bodies? (Ok, before you freak out, focus.) I opted to try out the tampons, since this is what I’m comfortable with using. The BPA-free plastic applicator makes it easy to use and it doesn’t feel invasive like other tampons I’ve used. (It'll get the job done, without feeling If we’re using on average 11,000 tampons or pads in our lifetime, we’ve got to protect the most absorbent part of our bodies, ladies: the vagina!

“Periods should only end sentences, not opportunity.”- L.

These organic period products, designed by women in San Francisco, empower female entrepreneurs and girls in developing countries. This gives them the opportunity to keep working and learning in school, while using pads that are safe, too. I think it’s uplifting to help other women and girls with this basic need, so they can learn and create in an otherwise resistant environment where periods are considered a burden. This badass 1 for 1 model is changing the game and giving women of all ages the ability to take charge of their lives.

Where can you get these girl power tampons and show your rad support for other girls and women around the world?

I’m delighted to share my code GINGER15, for 15% off on until June 30th. Let me know if you try out a monthly subscription starting at $4.95/month. If you want to shop in a store, check them out at Target nationwide.

Can we count you in?

XoXo Kitty
This post is a paid sponsorship to receive a free trial product and give my 100% ginger opinion.