Wine Time with a Versatile Opener Kit


(Wine Opener c/o Think Crucial for my opinion on their product.)Wine Opener 3

I struggle with uncorking wine and don't like the usual results: still corked and little bits fall into the wine


Wine Opener 6

My solution: the 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener & Preserver Kit from Think Crucial

Wine Opener 2

It lights up, it does the work and it gets the party started.

It's wine time with a versatile, 2-in-1 electric wine bottle opener kit! I love how easy it is to use, too! (I'll post the video clips of me using it in my next wine review. Check out my first one here: Wine Review video!) I've had various openers, but this one is versatile and reusable for those who dare to not ask for help. It made reviewing my wine go by a little faster.If you're curious how long each charge goes, let's just say you can throw a party and it'll still have power to uncork even the best of them. (For an exact figure, the site says 30-35 bottles-- wow! That's a lot of a vino!) For wine (21+ only), get it straight to your door, without the hassle of going somewhere else. On-demand wine and a simple wine opener? Living in the 21st Century just got more convenient.

The best part? I've got a code for you to get $5 off your own wine opener. (I don't like to share, but I don't mind telling you where I got it!)


^ Sounds like it should be a wine company, right? Yeah, don't worry. I'll stick to blogging. ;)

Let me know if you pick one up to treat yourself or for the wine-o in your life!XoXoThis wine opener is in courtesy of Think Crucial and in exchange for my 100% ginger thoughts and opinions.