Taco Cabana's New Tacos & Premium Margarita Review


Calling all Taco Lovers: the new limited time only Flame-Grilled Chicken Tacos from Taco Cabana are here!

Taco Cabana sent me a $15 gift card to sample the three new tacos and the new Premium Lunazul Tequila Margarita. I couldn’t resist trying out these tacos and the yummy margarita for a review. I love all spectrums of mild, medium, and spicy foods, so I’ll rate them by each spice level. I’m a fan of tacos, and this new menu offering is one you won’t want to miss out trying! (And that margarita? It'll help your taste buds splash through the spice and seasoning with ease.)tacocabanagingermeglamreview5I’ve reviewed the tacos in order of what I ate first, so you can go on this dinner journey with me here. As a style and lifestyle blogger, I’m always looking to try new things. Which one would you like to try first?tacocabanagingermeglamreview4Grilled Peppers & Onion Flame-Grilled Chicken TacoThis is my favorite taco out of the three options. If you aren’t sure which taco to try first, start with a classic taste of grilled peppers and onions. This taco has juicy chicken breast strips with a light and refreshing zest of lime juice. It’s perfect to pair with chips and queso, too. It is flavorful and has a mild spice level. Let’s not forget that the new Premium Lunazul Tequila Margarita complements this taco with extra citrus flavor.Roasted Poblano Ranchero & Cheese Flame-Grilled Chicken TacoLooking to pump up the spice volume? This taco pleasantly surprised me with a savory ranchero sauce. It blended magically with the melted cheeses. Layering the roasted poblano chiles with cheeses, it’ll give you that kick in the mouth you’re hoping for with a chance to bask in its warmth.Bacon Jalapeño Ranch Flame-Grilled Chicken TacoFor the maximum level of spice and delight, there’s thick and delicious double-smoked bacon within cheese and jalapeños. The heat woke up my palette, and I couldn’t get enough of the flavor combinations. It’s perfect for the cooler temperatures lately, so if you need a quick bite to eat to also warm you up, order 3 of these hot ones.Premium Lunazul Tequila Margaritatacocabanagingermeglamreview1You’re not dreaming! This margarita tasted smooth and measured up to my expectations. There’s a balance of tequila and frozen goodness that gives you the integrity of a premium drink. I didn’t even think twice about sitting outside on the patio with this drink and my flame-grilled tacos either.tacocabanagingermeglamreview7Thanks for reading my review about the new Taco Cabana Flame-Grilled Chicken Tacos and Premium Lunazul Tequila Margarita. If you try these out, let me know what you think. I want to also give a special thanks for the courtesy $15 gift card from Taco Cabana. I'm grateful they gave me the opportunity to try these out in exchange to write a review. I hope you enjoy these new limited time only menu options, and have a great rest of your week!XoXo KittyFor more information, visit your local Taco Cabana!tacocabanagingermeglamreview6